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  1. remembrance
    Dateline’s Keith Morrison Remembers Stepson Matthew Perry for Giving Tuesday“Do what you can; he would have been grateful.”
  2. remembrance
    Matthew Perry Couldn’t Be Boxed InAs the jokester who wears snarkiness as emotional armor, Chandler stole every Friends scene — even ones where he was theoretically absent.
  3. remembrance
    Brice Marden’s Infinitesimal HingeThe artist, who died this week at the age of 84, made minimalism new.
  4. remembrance
    A Hollywood Director PossessedWilliam Friedkin made movies like The Exorcist and Sorcerer his way, no matter what changes transformed his industry.
  5. remembrance
    The Eyes of Angus CloudHe did not seem “of” Euphoria. Yet somehow that made him the most believable actor on the show and one of the most distinctive on TV.
  6. remembrance
    It Was Easy to Get Pee-wee HermanHe was one of many characters Paul Reubens inhabited. Any of them could have been stars.
  7. vulture lists
    Sinéad O’Connor Was Always a Protest SingerShe was willing to risk her own career to highlight the world’s injustices.
  8. remembrance
    When America Met Sinéad O’ConnorO’Connor’s stand at the 1989 Grammys showcased her power — and made her a threat.
  9. remembrance
    Tony Bennett Kept Coming Back Into StyleWith the 1980s Great American Songbook revival, with The Simpsons, with Lady Gaga.
  10. remembrance
    Kenneth Anger Never Cooled OffBut the filmmaker’s renegade aesthetic is all over the mainstream, from Martin Scorsese to David Lynch.
  11. remembrance
    Tina Turner Bet on HerselfWhen the industry turned its back, she refused to give in.
  12. lists
    Tina Turner Upstaged EveryoneNine times the rock pioneer outshined her disciples.
  13. remembrance
    Andy Rourke Paid His DuesThe Smiths’ late bassist was the band’s driving force even as he fought for credit.
  14. remembrance
    Harry Belafonte Dragged Us Into the FutureThe late legend ditched stardom for something far greater.
  15. remembrance
    Al Jaffee’s Snappy, Not So Stupid MAD LegacyMAD’s longest-serving cartoonist invented a way to do something unusual: turn a pulp-magazine page into an animated, interactive feature.
  16. obituary
    Logan Roy Wouldn’t Look Back“I fuckin’ love news.”
  17. remembrance
    Richard Belzer the DestroyerThe late comedian was the master of attacking hecklers, table talkers, and bathroom walkers from the stand-up stage.
  18. remembrance
    Lance Reddick’s Comedy Journey Was Just Getting StartedJake Weisman, co-creator and co-star of Corporate, reflects on working with the late actor.
  19. remembrance
    The Purposeful Presence of Lance ReddickFrom The Wire to John Wick, the late actor was in perfect control of all his performative gifts.
  20. remembrance
    Tom Sizemore Made You UncomfortableDuring his career, the prolific actor inhabited an array of troubled characters. Offscreen, he was one himself.
  21. remembrance
    The Complications of David CrosbyHe found disharmony in every aspect of his life except one.
  22. remembrance
    The Masterful, Mercurial World of Jeff BeckIn an industry of showoffs and sociopaths, he was a showboat only onstage.
  23. remembrance
    Barbara Walters’s Superpower Was FairnessShe made subjects believe they were getting an open-minded hearing — and that made them talk.
  24. remembrance
    The Composer Who Made Sense of David LynchAngelo Badalamenti’s music helped audiences find the utter sincerity of Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and more.
  25. remembrance
    Bob McGrath Set the ExampleFor 47 years, the Sesame Street actor radiated the warmth and acceptance many young viewers would’ve never received otherwise.
  26. remembrance
    Christine McVie’s Perfect VoiceShe was Fleetwood Mac’s most reliable songwriter, but the ache in her voice was just as important as her words.
  27. remembrance
    Remembering Lee Bontecou and Her Volcanic Hell HolesThe visionary artist died this week at age 91.
  28. remembrance
    Takeoff Was the GlueIt’s beyond shocking seeing tragedy strike a group that forced fair-weather listeners and staunch old-heads alike to appreciate the craft.
  29. remembrance
    Jerry Lee Lewis Was an SOB Right to the EndThe talented hell-raiser of early rock and roll died at 87.
  30. remembrance
    Angela Lansbury Could Play Cozy or Criminal, Grand or Grand GuignolFrom Gaslight to Mame to Sweeney Todd to Beauty and the Beast, with a long, comfortable stop in Cabot Cove.
  31. remembrance
    Loretta Lynn Was FearlessShe created a world where women had permission to tell their truths.
  32. remembrance
    Pharoah Sanders Found His Voice in New York CityHe arrived broke, homeless, and with little more than his saxophone, and left the unofficial leader of the spiritual-jazz movement.
  33. remembrance
    Everyone Has Their Own GodardFor all his godlike splendor, there is no other filmmaker over whom so many people can claim ownership, each in their own distinct manner.
  34. remembrance
    Scott Thompson, the Once (and Future?) QueenThe Kids in the Hall comedian reflects on his royal muse.
  35. royals
    Queen Elizabeth Was the First Monarch We Thought We KnewCrowned at the dawn of the TV age, she was defined by her distance as much as her ubiquity.
  36. remembrance
    Farewell to Wolfgang Petersen, and to the Sincere Action MovieThe director turned silly melodramas into works of pure catharsis, and defined a generation of American action films in the process.
  37. remembrance
    The Jagged Life of Anne HecheShe lived and died like an early Hollywood star who imploded before a grande dame period could get under way.
  38. remembrance
    The Opera in Paul SorvinoThe late actor, known for playing paragons of retrograde masculinity, drew from a well of tenderness unreachable to most.
  39. remembrance
    Jennifer Bartlett’s Great Tree of LifeThe artist wanted to make a work “that had everything in it.”
  40. remembrance
    ‘The Lowest Form of Conversation’David Chase remembers The Sopranos great Tony Sirico.
  41. remembrance
    ‘A Combination of Permission and Exaltation’On Peter Brook and The Empty Space.
  42. remembrance
    Remembering Sam Gilliam of the Astral PlaneHis draped paintings took the form to its outer limits.
  43. throw your l’s up
    Big L, ForeverAn afternoon in Harlem honoring the late hip-hop legend.
  44. remembrance
    It Was Easy to Believe Ray LiottaThe beauty of his acting came from the laser-focused attention he brought to every assignment — no matter how noble or absurd.
  45. appreciations
    Gilbert Gottfried, Remembered by Those Who Knew Him“He was not a negative person in any way, shape, or form. He was a great spirit. He was so unique. That’s the word for Gilbert: unique.
  46. remembrance
    Taylor Hawkins Saw It AllThe longtime Foo Fighters member was far more than just a drummer.
  47. remembrance
    The Amazing Johnathan’s Influential ChaosThe idea that a performer could be so uninterested in the audience’s comfort, or even safety, was thrilling to encounter as a child.
  48. remembrances
    Honoring His Mother Was Louie Anderson’s Life’s WorkThroughout his decades-long career, the comedian learned to love himself the way his mother loved him.
  49. remembrances
    Meat Loaf Had the Audacity to Always Go BigNothing the late singer and actor did as an artist was ever subtle.
  50. appreciations
    Bob Saget, Remembered by Those Who Knew Him“Luckily, I got to tell Bob I loved him a lot while he was still here. But I’d sure love to be able to tell him again.”
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