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  1. remembrance
    The Jagged Life of Anne HecheShe lived and died like an early Hollywood star who imploded before a grande dame period could get under way.
  2. remembrance
    The Opera in Paul SorvinoThe late actor, known for playing paragons of retrograde masculinity, drew from a well of tenderness unreachable to most.
  3. remembrance
    Jennifer Bartlett’s Great Tree of LifeThe artist wanted to make a work “that had everything in it.”
  4. remembrance
    ‘The Lowest Form of Conversation’David Chase remembers The Sopranos great Tony Sirico.
  5. remembrance
    ‘A Combination of Permission and Exaltation’On Peter Brook and The Empty Space.
  6. remembrance
    Remembering Sam Gilliam of the Astral PlaneHis draped paintings took the form to its outer limits.
  7. throw your l’s up
    Big L, ForeverAn afternoon in Harlem honoring the late hip-hop legend.
  8. remembrance
    It Was Easy to Believe Ray LiottaThe beauty of his acting came from the laser-focused attention he brought to every assignment — no matter how noble or absurd.
  9. appreciations
    Gilbert Gottfried, Remembered by Those Who Knew Him“He was not a negative person in any way, shape, or form. He was a great spirit. He was so unique. That’s the word for Gilbert: unique.
  10. remembrance
    Taylor Hawkins Saw It AllThe longtime Foo Fighters member was far more than just a drummer.
  11. remembrance
    The Amazing Johnathan’s Influential ChaosThe idea that a performer could be so uninterested in the audience’s comfort, or even safety, was thrilling to encounter as a child.
  12. remembrances
    Honoring His Mother Was Louie Anderson’s Life’s WorkThroughout his decades-long career, the comedian learned to love himself the way his mother loved him.
  13. remembrances
    Meat Loaf Had the Audacity to Always Go BigNothing the late singer and actor did as an artist was ever subtle.
  14. appreciations
    Bob Saget, Remembered by Those Who Knew Him“Luckily, I got to tell Bob I loved him a lot while he was still here. But I’d sure love to be able to tell him again.”
  15. remembrance
    Why ArcLight Hollywood Was More Than a Movie TheaterThe staff and fans of the legendary Los Angeles theater remember what it was about the venue that made it such a one-of-a-kind home for the movies.
  16. in memoriam
    Please, Everyone, Read Christopher Plummer’s AutobiographyThese few bits will get you hooked.
  17. remembrance
    Pamela Tiffin, Star of ‘One, Two, Three’ and ‘Summer and Smoke,’ Dies at 78She was great onscreen in a short career — and had an unexpected connection to this magazine.