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  1. movie review
    Drive-Away Dolls Is Just Fizzy EnoughMargaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan star in a lesbian road-trip comedy that will mostly remind you of better movies.
  2. movie review
    Pedro Almodóvar’s Queer Cowboy Short Is Too Sumptuous for Its Own GoodIt’s a gorgeous but unsatisfying sketch of a thing.
  3. movie review
    Civil War Isn’t the Movie You Think It IsAlex Garland’s war epic is more about how we respond to images of conflict than it is about the conflict itself.
  4. movie review
    I’m Glad Everyone Had Such a Good Time Making Sasquatch SunsetIf only there were more reason to actually watch the movie they made.
  5. theater review
    Not Without Ambition, But … Macbeth (an undoing)A reimagining of Shakespeare, centering Lady Macbeth, asks the wrong questions about her.
  6. theater review
    Return of the Musical Rumble: The OutsidersDoes the stage adaptation stay gold?
  7. music review
    Amid the Alerts, Two Lightly Earthshaking Philharmonic DebutsKarina Canellakis and Alice Sara Ott powered through the bleeps.
  8. movie review
    Monkey Man Is a Solid Action Thriller, But It Clearly Wants to Be MoreDev Patel’s directorial debut has amazing fight scenes, but it also overdoses on religious imagery and mythical overtones.
  9. movie review
    Behold, an Actually Good Omen MovieIt’s also, not unlike the very-similar Immaculate, surprisingly topical, reflecting back societal fears in the form of genre thrills.
  10. movie review
    With The Old Oak, Ken Loach Goes Out on a Hopeful NoteIn the director’s final film, the people of a dying English town and a group of Syrian refugees discover they have more in common than they realize.
  11. movie review
    There’s Really Nothing Else Like The BeastLéa Seydoux and George MacKay are doomed lovers over three lifetimes in Bertrand Bonello’s haunting movie.
  12. movie review
    Little Things, Big ProblemsTurns out Denzel Washington crime dramas can sometimes be bad, too.
  13. album review
    Our Sweetheart of the RodeoBeyoncé’s Cowboy Carter chronicles an artist with a voice pliable enough (and a following large enough) to crash whatever scene she pleases.
  14. movie review
    A Sad-Eyed Josh O’Connor Goes Tomb-Raiding in the Lovely, Mysterious La ChimeraAlice Rohrwacher’s playful, rambling new film follows a man who robs graves to find his way into the next world.
  15. movie review
    Lisa Frankenstein Is Strictly a Mall-Goth AffairKathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse star in a disappointingly flimsy horror comedy about a teen loner and her undead companion.
  16. movie review
    Wicked Little Letters Should’ve Been for the SickosThere’s a great psychosexual drama lurking inside this otherwise serviceable trifle starring Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley.
  17. movie review
    A Gore-Soaked Spectacle of Depravity and PainYou can practically smell the Asphalt City director chain-smoking behind the camera, muttering about spitting in the face of humanity.
  18. theater review
    Always Gets a Replay: The Who’s TommyYes, it’s a show from another time and culture. But the tension that disconnect brings is fascinating.
  19. movie review
    Did We Really Need Kaiju to Get All Cute?Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire doesn’t deliver the giant-monster goods, but it does make its creatures disconcertingly adorable.
  20. theater review
    Grief Hotel, Where You Check In to YourselfLiza Birkenmeier’s discontinuous, fragmented play imagines a quasi-spa marketed to anyone experiencing loss.
  21. comedy review
    Jerrod Carmichael Makes the Camera His GodIn his HBO series, the comedian needles at whether the spectacle of his own personality and pain eclipses his ability to care about others.
  22. theater review
    A.J. Shively and David McElwee in Irish Rep's 2024 production of PHILADELPHIA, HERE I COME!
    Becoming Brian Friel: Philadelphia, Here I Come!At the Irish Rep, early work by a future master.
  23. movie review
    Netflix’s Shirley Chisholm Biopic Never Matches the Power of Its SubjectThe Regina King-starring drama about the first Black woman presidential candidate doesn’t do its subject (or the star who plays her) justice.
  24. movie review
    The Tense and Gruesome Immaculate Is an Art Film at HeartSydney Sweeney, however, is spectacular as a pregnant nun suffering the tortures of the damned.
  25. movie review
    The Best and Bleakest Comedy of the Year So FarRadu Jude’s Do Not Expect Too Much From the End of the World makes being ground up in the global machinery of capitalism look good.
  26. movie review
    We Don’t Know AnythingThe Oscar-winning Anatomy of a Fall is a courtroom thriller and a marital drama, but it’s also about how we’ve lost the ability to grasp reality.
  27. movie review
    Bustin’ Makes Me Feel BlehIn Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, the jokes are witless, the emotions artless, and the film joyless.
  28. theater review
    Water for Elephants Is Best When It’s Behind the TimesDazzling circus arts and great puppetry are almost enough.
  29. movie review
    A New Road House by Way of Looney TunesJake Gyllenhaal is better at oddballs than heroes — thank God he’s playing one of the former in this Road House remake.
  30. movie review
    David Dastmalchian Deserves to Be a StarAs a beleaguered talk-show host, he carries the new horror film Late Night With the Devil.
  31. theater review
    In Teeth, Purity Culture Leaves Bite MarksMichael R. Jackson and Anna K. Jacobs are out for blood.
  32. movie review
    A Portrait of Frida Kahlo Like We’ve Never Seen Her BeforeCarla Gutierrez’s documentary uses the artist’s own words (and pictures) to tell her story.
  33. theater review
    Ibsen, Translated Into American: An Enemy of the PeopleWith Jeremy Strong, Michael Imperioli, and drinks on the house.
  34. classical-music review
    Klaus Mäkelä Brings Back the Wild Streak in StravinskyThe young Finnish conductor had even his own orchestra stomping with enthusiasm.
  35. movie review
    A Final Farewell to Ryuichi SakamotoA new concert film, Opus, represents the culmination of a lifelong journey from effusive maximalism to gentle simplicity.
  36. theater review
    Love and Brains, Dull and Sharp: The Notebook and The EffectA musical adaptation that’s generic to the point of inanity, and a play that asks and examines real questions about what a person is.
  37. movie review
    Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Mexico City, Mexico
    The Eras Tour Film Is Sequined Asset ManagementTaylor Swift’s big-screen adaptation is almost too much movie.
  38. sxsw 2024
    The Fall Guy Is a Funny, Romantic, Stunt-Filled DelightRyan Gosling and Emily Blunt have terrific chemistry in this action-packed movie adaptation of the hit 1980s TV series.
  39. theater review
    Corruption’s Heroes Are Not Serious PeopleMurdoch’s phone-hacking scandal, recounted by thinly drawn archetypes.
  40. kingdom of dreams
    The 2024 Oscars Closed the GatesThis year’s Academy Awards turned on the charm and turned away from anything uncomfortable, even as protests raged outside.
  41. movie review
    Oppenheimer Is a Tragedy of Operatic GrandeurChristopher Nolan’s movie about the invention of the atomic bomb is almost too big to wrap your head around.
  42. theater review
    The Old-Weird-America Pleasures of Dead OutlawFrom the team behind The Band’s Visit, another musical that is more than meets the eye.
  43. movie review
    Is Poor Things the Best We Can Do for Female Sexuality Onscreen?Emma Stone fully commits to a banal rendition of faux-feminist sexual freedom.
  44. movie review
    Jonathan Glazer’s Auschwitz Drama Borders on the UnwatchableThe shock of Jonathan Glazer’s Oscar-winning Auschwitz drama is not in the graphic terrors it depicts, but in what it doesn’t show.
  45. movie review
    Miyazaki Didn’t Lose a StepBack from temporary retirement, Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-winning film, The Boy and the Heron, is a reminder of what makes him an animation legend.
  46. movie review
    We’re Going to Be Talking About American Fiction All Awards Season LongCord Jefferson’s directorial debut, American Fiction, is a sharp comedy about racial commodification anchored by a terrific Jeffrey Wright.
  47. movie review
    Wonka … Is Pretty Good?Look, I’m as surprised as you are.
  48. movie review
    Netflix’s Damsel Is Sweaty, Snarly, Slithery FunMillie Bobby Brown might have the lead role in the new fantasy thriller, but the dragon steals the show.
  49. theater review
    Doubt Returns in a Traditionalist ProductionJohn Patrick Shanley’s dialogue still packs heat, but the fire’s been turned down this time.
  50. theater review
    Feeling the Illinoise, This Time Through MovementSufjan Stevens’s album becomes a transcendent theater-dance-music piece.
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