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  1. theater review
    A Sweeney Todd That Leans Into the Great Black PitSexual dynamics and soot dominate the revival.
  2. movie review
    How to Find Hope and Destroy ItIn Tori and Lokita, the Dardenne brothers tell a tale of immigration and exploitation.
  3. movie review
    Sally Hawkins Tries to Save Richard III in The Lost KingCo-starring Steve Coogan, it’s the story of the amateur historian who looked for the truth behind England’s most reviled monarch.
  4. theater review
    If Only Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bad Cinderella Were WorseNeither good nor so bad it’s good.
  5. movie review
    The Limits and Wonders of John Wick’s Last FightIn John Wick: Chapter 4, bodies are cut, shot, broken, and strangely beautiful when meeting their ends. If only every end were earned.
  6. tv review
    Succession Still Has a Few Surprises LeftIn its final season, the HBO juggernaut keeps redefining itself, charting new business battlefields and emotional terrain.
  7. tv review
    Yellowjackets Bites Off a Lot, But Not More Than It Can ChewAn ambitious and only occasionally unwieldily second season offers proof the Showtime hit could be in it for the long haul.
  8. podcast review
    Holy Week and the Aftermath of MLK’s DeathThe new podcast from The Atlantic revisits the humans who got caught up in history.
  9. theater review
    Dancin’ Slinks Back to Town, Aching to Seduce YouA revised revival of the 1978 revue that goes all out.
  10. movie review
    Trapping Willem Dafoe in a Penthouse Prison Shouldn’t Be BoringInside wastes a great premise on dreary execution.
  11. movie review
    Let’s Just Pretend Shazam! Fury of the Gods Never HappenedThe latest DC movie seems to have forgotten what made the original so charming and special.
  12. book review
    Catherine Lacey’s Alternate America in Biography of XA “biography” with a warped sense of history.
  13. theater review
    Parade Marches Back In, Intent on Its Own RelevanceBen Platt and Micaela Diamond star in the revival of this musical about antisemitism in the Deep South.
  14. album review
    Miley’s Californication Is CompleteEndless Summer Vacation showcases a more unified and refined version of Cyrus, but is almost too meticulously crafted to soundtrack summers.
  15. theater review
    The Harder They Come Tries to Fit Too Much OnstageThe overstuffed Jimmy Cliff musical barely has time for its own songs.
  16. theater review
    All in this Together: How to Defend Yourself and The Coast StarlightA classic playwrighting gambit: trap a bunch of people in one small space and brew up some trouble.
  17. movie review
    I Give UpIt’s Scream 6’s world. We’re just living in it.
  18. the answer is in your heart
    Is Adam Driver an Alien in 65 or What?This is mostly, but not entirely, a dilemma of my own making.
  19. theater review
    Gut-Renovating A Doll’s House With Jessica ChastainSit-down, stripped-down Ibsen.
  20. movie review
    A Grim, Mesmerizing Portrait of Romantic ManipulationPalm Trees and Power Lines makes it difficult to look away.
  21. the industry
    De La Soul’s Music Is Here to Stay (For Now)The seminal trio’s albums have emerged from the streaming rights wilderness.
  22. theater review
    Better Living Through Chlorophyll in The TreesIf you were a tree, you might want to be this kind.
  23. movie review
    In Operation Fortune, Guy Ritchie Remembers FunJason Statham and Aubrey Plaza do not seem like a match made in action-comedy-chemistry heaven, but it somehow works.
  24. opera review
    A Lohengrin Where You Might Root for the Bad GuyThe Wagner opera returns to the Met for the first time in 17 years.
  25. movie review
    The Glorious Masculine Melodrama of Creed IIIMichael B. Jordan is good at this.
  26. theater review
    Love Pulls You CloseAlexander Zeldin’s drama about Londoners in temporary housing comes to New York.
  27. theater review
    The Seagull Heads for the ShawangunksParker Posey stars in this update of Chekhov, swapping familiar New York intelligentsia types for the Russian bourgeoisie.
  28. theater review
    Ritual Healing in Letters From Max and Black OdysseyTwo plays take on existential journeys.
  29. theater review
    Lorraine Hansberry on Hashtag Activism: The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s WindowOscar Isaac and Rachel Brosnahan star in her play about fashionable commitment to social change.
  30. podcasts
    Can Anyone Trust The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling?The podcast says it wants to have a conversation. What it really wants to do is give a sermon.
  31. movie review
    Cocaine Bear Is, in Fact, a MovieElizabeth Banks’s comedy-action thriller is half kids’ adventure, half slasher flick, all cult movie.
  32. video games
    Hogwarts Legacy Is J.K. Rowling’s Legacy, Summed Up in a Dud of a GameThe feverishly anticipated Harry Potter video game can’t muster the fantasy escapism it so desperately wants.
  33. podcast review
    The Coldest Case in Laramie Is Serial’s Grimmest Production YetAnd yet the show repeats many of Serial’s most familiar themes.
  34. theater review
    Hellfire at Hobby Lobby in A Bright New BoiseSamuel D. Hunter’s early play returns to the New York stage.
  35. movie review
    This Is a Cry for HelpNobody in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania looks like they want to be there. They don’t even look like they know where there is.
  36. theater review
    In The Wanderers, Love Complicated by Page and ScreenA beguiling script and a meta turn by Katie Holmes are let down by a workaday production.
  37. movie review
    Titanic Is Still the Purest Expression of Who James Cameron IsI don’t begrudge the director’s nerdy noodling with his greatest picture because this constant need to innovate is his greatest strength.
  38. tv review
    Party Down Has Time on Its SideThe cultishly beloved cater-waiter comedy returns in peak form, using the 13-year gap between seasons to its best advantage.
  39. theater review
    The Mischievous Wolf Play Has Sharp TeethIt blurs its factual universe into a fictional one. Plus: ‘Cornelia Street’ at the Atlantic.
  40. movie review
    The Blue Caftan Finds the Perfect FitMaryam Touzani’s film is as precise and vivid as its titular garment.
  41. album review
    Kelela Knows How to Interrupt a GrooveHer first album in six years wages war on a world that wrings artists dry.
  42. theater review
    Pictures From Home, Without Sharp FocusA play based on Larry Sultan’s incisive photos of his parents is a little too warm and soft.
  43. theater review
    Lucy and Endgame Venture Into Extreme CaretakingThe apocalypse is coming from inside the house.
  44. movie review
    Magic Mike Shouldn’t DateChanning Tatum’s Mike Lane is the holy hunk, and his own desires seem incidental — tough stuff when you’re supposed to be half of a steamy couple.
  45. close read
    The 1619 Project’s Standout Episode Resonates With Infuriating TimelinessA six-episode adaptation of the sprawling New York Times effort can’t help but feel scattered, but “Capitalism” is honed to a sharply incisive point.
  46. movie review
    Knock at the Cabin Is M. Night Shyamalan’s Best Film Since The VillageAnchored by an incredible Dave Bautista performance, it’s a triumphant return to the sincerity and confidence of the director’s early work.
  47. movie review
    Filmmaking at the Speed of Life in One Fine MorningIn Mia Hansen-Løve’s latest, emotions emerge organically from the unfussy drama onscreen.
  48. movie review
    The Numbing Spectacle of Infinity PoolWhat I did on my summer vacation (watched myself get executed).
  49. tv review
    Shrinking Desperately Wants You to Like ItThe new Apple TV+ comedy starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford is as needy as its protagonist.
  50. album review
    Sam Smith Toes the Line on GloriaThe singer’s new album is sharp, occasionally cringe-y, and full of heartfelt schmaltz.
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