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  1. theater review
    The Shark Is Broken Goes Chumming for Your AffectionIan Shaw’s play bemoans big action movies’ death grip on the culture — while also venerating the voracious progenitor of them all.
  2. movie review
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Have Never Looked BetterThe easygoing Mutant Mayhem is a marvel of animation.
  3. movie review
    Meg 2: The Trench Should Have Been StupiderIt’s all ridiculous and, in an alternate universe, it might have even been genuinely entertaining.
  4. movie review
    Passages’ Bad Boyfriend Only Leaves You Wanting MoreDespite its love triangle, Passages isn’t about polyamory—it’s about a man who elides his awfulness under the guise of urban sophistication.
  5. movie review
    A Helpful Reminder Never to Underestimate Walton GogginsVenice has been filled with lots of big, bold, showy turns. Then there’s Goggins quietly yanking our heartstrings by simply being present.
  6. theater review
    You Made a Musical … Out of a DeLorean?Back to the Future: The Musical is a carefully faithful spectacle.
  7. tv review
    Heartstopper Can’t Stop Asking If You’re Okay With ThisAs the tender teen romance series extends outward, it starts to feel notably careful, like it’s been written from a defensive stance.
  8. album review
    Travis Scott Is Raging Into OblivionOn Utopia, the rapper is too scared to mess with the blueprint.
  9. theater review
    Pregaming With Three Postcollege Brats (Plus a Dog) at Toros“The play keeps reminding you it’s a performance, which is nice in a time when many shows feel like they just want to be adapted into film or TV.”
  10. theater review
    The Epic and Hyperspecific in Half-God of Rainfall and Let’s Call Her PattyThe gods shoot hoops; Rhea Perlman chops onions.
  11. movie review
    A Few Decent Laughs Can’t Save Haunted MansionDisney’s new theme-park movie is a hot mess, even if it’s a sporadically entertaining one.
  12. movie review
    Communing With the Dead Just to Feel AliveThe new A24 horror movie Talk to Me is an impressively slick piece of work, from two button-pushers who came up on the internet.
  13. theater review
    The Cottage Needs More Doors to SlamLaura Bell Bundy and Eric McCormack lead a too-tidy farce.
  14. theater review
    Notes on Teamwork: Flex and Orpheus DescendingTwo midsummer trips to the South.
  15. theater review
    Here Lies Love Is an Unsettlingly Good TimeA show that portrays Imelda Marcos as blithe naïf and corrupt co-tyrant—and also enabler of a rousing dance party.
  16. movie review
    Oppenheimer Is a Tragedy of Operatic GrandeurChristopher Nolan’s movie about the invention of the atomic bomb is almost too big to wrap your head around.
  17. movie review
    We Shouldn’t Have to Grade Barbie on a CurveGreta Gerwig made a weird movie based on a famous toy line. Should that be enough?
  18. endings
    Project Greenlight Is Great TV About Making a Not-Great MovieOnce again, an attempt to show off young Hollywood talent becomes an unwitting document of deep and pervasive fractures across the industry.
  19. movie review
    Theater Camp Is Too Sweet to Take Issue WithOkay, maybe one or two quibbles.
  20. movie review
    Bird Box Barcelona Doesn’t Have the Guts to Tell This StoryThe Netflix sequel is an exercise in sadism but not the good kind.
  21. movie review
    Being Young in a World That’s AfireChristian Petzold’s latest movie follows 20-somethings to a beach house near to an ongoing forest fire.
  22. podcasts
    Dua Lipa and the the Middlebrow Pop Intellectual PodcastAt Your Service aspires to be a Fresh Air for the jet set. Does it work?
  23. movie review
    Joy Ride Never Really Cuts LooseThe R-rated comedy is ready to make jokes about threesomes and drug smuggling but can’t bring itself to lean into anything truly discomfiting.
  24. tv review
    Last Call Sees What Most True Crime MissesLoving yet full of palpable fury, HBO’s docuseries will make you deeply sad, then even sadder that more true-crime stories aren’t told this way.
  25. movie review
    A Familiar Magic Trick Executed to PerfectionTom Cruise does what he does in Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One. He is very good at what he does.
  26. movie review
    This Might Be the Strangest Movie of the YearRuby Gillman, Teenage Kraken seems like a trifling dose of high-concept sweetness, but it’s truly absurd in all sorts of unexpected ways.
  27. movie review
    Nimona Was Worth the WaitAfter multiple delays and a studio shutdown, the film arrives on Netflix with something specific to say about its queer characters and the status quo.
  28. movie review
    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Is Too Entertaining to DismissA movie about going back in time turns out to be something of a time machine itself.
  29. theater review
    A Hamlet in the Park That Puzzles the WillKenny Leon’s production gestures at a lot without capturing any one thing.
  30. theater review
    Dropping by the Local Nazis: Alex Edelman’s Just for UsPlus: Liz Kingsman’s One Woman Show, and the state of solo comedy meta-theater.
  31. movie review
    No Hard Feelings Makes It Look EasyJennifer Lawrence goes over the top in the most delightfully discomfiting way.
  32. theater review
    Once Upon a One More Time Bungles Britney on BroadwayIt’s not the way I planned it.
  33. tv review
    The Bear Is a Different AnimalGood-bye to the restaurant known as the Beef. Hello to a looser, lighter season two.
  34. art review
    The Subversive Self-Portraits of Iiu Susiraja“Being blank is the same as being real,” she has said.
  35. movie review
    Extraction 2 Is Trying So HardMainly, it’s all just neat — impressively mounted and increasingly meaningless.
  36. movie review
    The Blackening Stretches a Funny Sketch Into a Less Funny FeatureThe premise at the center of this horror-comedy is still great.
  37. movie review
    Wes Anderson Has Gone MadHis new movie, Asteroid City, brings a necessary madness to the meticulous director’s method, and it amounts to a masterpiece.
  38. movie review
    Pixar’s Messy Metaphor for Interracial RomanceElemental is the story of what happens when fire meets water, falls in love, and turns into immigrant stereotypes.
  39. theater review
    Physicians, Preen Thyselves: The DoctorA play about the self-serving sanctimony of the newly canceled.
  40. movie review
    The Impersonality of Ari Aster’s Most Personal FilmThe Hereditary director, never a horror guy, has left the genre behind for Beau Is Afraid — so why does his new film feel less open?
  41. movie review
    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Is Ready to Be Consumed and ForgottenFighting robots are back, but does anyone really care?
  42. movie review
    Flamin’ Hot Has an Unintentionally Grim MessageThis corporate fairy tale, directed by Eva Longoria, is resolutely feel-good in a way that starts to feel bad.
  43. theater review
    Patterns of Addiction in Days of Wine and Roses and Wet BrainOne decorous, one unleashed.
  44. theater review
    Death Comes to the Reunion in The ComeuppanceHigh-school friends, pregaming with jungle juice and angst.
  45. movie review
    Past Lives Is Tasteful, Understated, and UnconvincingCeline Song’s directorial debut reaches for wistful romances but ends up just feeling calculated.
  46. movie review
    Is a Movie Called The Boogeyman Allowed to Be This Bleak?Rob Savage’s Stephen King adaptation is visually compelling but narratively inert.
  47. movie review
    The Joyous Spectacle of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseAside from the “to be continued” ending, the new Spider-Verse is breathtaking.
  48. theater review
    Knock-Knock: Grey House Brings Horror Tropes to BroadwayIf you find Laurie Metcalf in a cabin in the woods, don’t go in.
  49. endings
    Succession Made You Decide“Who will win?” is a question as appealing and empty as Tom and Shiv’s apartment. The much harder one has always been “What kind of show is this?”
  50. movie review
    Sydney Sweeney Is Unreally Great in RealityThe Euphoria star plays whistleblower Reality Winner in an HBO film that turns the actual FBI interrogation transcript into a thriller.
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