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Rhys Ifans

  1. web of lies
    An Exhaustive List of Everyone Who Lied About the Spider-Man: No Way Home CastAnd you would do it too for a check!
  2. house of the dragon
    Sonoya Mizuno, Eve Best, More Move Into Increasingly Full House of the DragonHolidays at this House are going to be packed.
  3. sexpositions
    What It’s Like to Be a Movie Body-DoubleA whole lot of stars want Laura Grady’s body. 
  4. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Nora Ephron, The Band, Louis C.K. Another excuse to stay indoors.
  5. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Channing Tatum Dressed in DragPlus: Stephen Colbert picked on Aaron Sorkin, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  6. the amazing spider-man
    Watch Video Diary Entries From Dr. Curt ConnorsAnd then he became the Lizard!
  7. the amazing spider-man
    Check Out Some Stills From Spider-ManThank you, Empire Magazine, for your Christmas gift. Also, thank you, scanners, for doing your job.
  8. the amazing spider-man
    See What the Lizard From the Upcoming Spider-Man Movie May Look LikeRhys Ifans may look like this in The Amazing Spider-Man!
  9. movie review
    Movie Reviews: Mr. Nice, Tuesday, After Christmas, and PuzzleRhys Ifans is marvelously louche as a drug dealer in ‘Mr. Nice,’ but the rise-and-fall tale is too familiar.
  10. quote machine
    Jennifer Lopez Not Quite Sure What ‘Superstar’ MeansPlus: Judd Apatow is so not punk rock.
  11. spider-man
    Spider-Man’s Big-Screen Adversary Will Be the LizardNow we know who Rhys Ifans is playing.
  12. casting couch
    Rhys Ifans to Terrorize Spider-ManHe’ll beat up Andrew Garfield.
  13. the industry
    Kenneth Branagh and January Jones Rock the BoatPlus: Van Wilder meets Wolverine!