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  1. my single is diamond
    Cardi B Is the First Female Rapper to Have a Diamond SongThe RIAA certified “Bodak Yellow” last night.
  2. going platinum
    How Did Jay-Z’s 4:44 Go Platinum So Fast?The certification might not tell the whole story.
  3. shine bright like a diamond
    Garth Brooks Now Has More Diamond Albums Than the Beatles (or Anyone)The Ultimate Hits from 2007 is his seventh 10-million seller.
  4. shine bright like a diamond
    Adele’s 25 Has Gone Diamond in Less Than a YearHer third album is her fastest to hit the 10 million mark.
  5. the streaming wars
    Streaming Music Earns More Money Than DownloadsStreaming is work, work, work, working.
  6. the streaming wars
    RIAA Certifications Will Now Count StreamingThis is huge.
  7. Streaming Made More Money Than CDs in 2014Surprise, surprise.
  8. oh i’m so good at math
    Jay-Z Did in Fact Go Platinum(Again.)
  9. how to go platinum in america
    New RIAA Rules Mean Jay-Z Will Probably Go Platinum on Day OneDigital sales now count immediately.
  10. mo money
    Music Sales Up for the First Time Since 2004CD sales still made over $3 billion.
  11. music
    Record Labels Prepare to Battle Artists Over Song RightsAs usual, the RIAA are the villains.
  12. litigation
    Recording Industry to Quit Suing Downloaders, the DeadOne less thing for dead people to worry about!
  13. apropos of nothing
    Why Won’t the Music Business Hire Nerds?The music business, increasingly facing irrelevance in an economy ruled by technological innovation, has just announced its newest hire — it’s some guy with a background in the music business!
  14. apropos of nothing
    RIAA: What Settlement Money?After last year’s successful legal shakedowns of peer-to-peer services Napster, Kazaa, and Bolt.com yielded a rumored $400 million for major record companies, artists and their managers are wondering when they might see some of that money.
  15. apropos of nothing
    The Entertainment Business’ War on Piracy Is Practically WonGreat news for content owners everywhere today as the Wall Street Journal reports that prosecutors are close to filing charges against the operators of Swedish BitTorrent hub the Pirate Bay with conspiracy to breach copyrights.
  16. the take
    RIAA Wins Case Against Poor WomanA Minnesota jury surprised a single mother yesterday by offering to let her pay whatever she wants for music she downloaded, as long as it’s $220,000.
  17. the early-evening news
    Brett Ratner to Make Disaster Movie — On Purpose This Time!Plus: Comedy Central dumps David Spade!