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  1. college admissions scandal
    Olivia Jade Was Reportedly All-In With the College Admissions Scam“She trusted her parents.”
  2. A Quick Reminder Before Our Rainforest Expedition Begins, by Blythe […]Gentlemen, welcome to the annual Millionaires Club Rainforest Expedition. Before we begin, I’d like to run through a few quick reminders to […]
  3. rich people
    Taylor Swift Made $57 Million Last YearWhich makes her the highest-paid star under 30.
  4. rich people
    Downton’s Lord Crowley Among Richest CharactersNot as rich as the dragon in The Hobbit, though.
  5. rich people
    Bravo’s New Series Are Very Bravo-yRich people stuff, etc.
  6. It’s Probably Smart to Just Serve Alec Baldwin His Latte with a Smile .bbpBox111477401468407808 {background:url(http://a0.twimg.com/images/themes/theme1/bg.png) #C0DEED;padding:20px;} […]
  7. Craig Rowin Would Like You to Give Him One Million Dollars Craig Rowin would like a million dollars. There are lots of people out there with many millions of dollars. Is it so much to ask that just one […]
  8. rich people
    Sumner Redstone Is in Need of Some Extra Pocket ChangeTurns out he’s got a fairly sizable loan coming due at the end of the month.