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  1. trailer mix
    Wes Anderson Back on the Roald Dahl SauceWith The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, one of four short films.
  2. underrated
    It’s Never Too Late to Enter Garth Marenghi’s DarkplaceStephen Merchant explains why the 2004 series is so worth watching.
  3. nftv
    Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade Are Reuniting and Somehow NFTs Are InvolvedThis is fantastic and also exhausting news.
  4. movie review
    Soul Is Pixar at Its Most Unpredictably WeirdAnd while the movie doesn’t always work, that part is kind of nice.
  5. doctor who
    Who Will Be the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who?Peter Capaldi is stepping down, so let’s guess who the next Time Lord will be.
  6. the great british bake off
    Richard Ayoade Reportedly Up for Bake Off RoleThe star of The IT Crowd could well spend some time in the tent.
  7. Richard Ayoade Signs a Deal to Write Three Books About FilmUK comedy director/writer/actor Richard Ayoade is about to become a published author. Chortle reports that Ayoade has signed a three-book deal […]
  8. Watch the Teaser Trailer for Richard Ayoade’s ‘The Double’ Here’s the brand new teaser for The Double, a dark comedy written and directed by Richard Ayoade and starring Jesse Eisenberg as a guy […]
  9. Watch the Trailer for Richard Ayoade’s New Movie, ‘The Double’ Here’s the trailer for The Double, the second movie from director Richard Ayoade, who’s best known for his acting work on UK sitcoms The IT […]
  10. 9 Funny People Who Direct Great Music VideosQuick history lesson: if a music video was funny in the 1980s, it was probably completely unintentional. In the first half of the decade, the […]
  11. ‘The IT Crowd’ Is Coming Back for a Finale, Filming This MonthBeloved British sitcom The IT Crowd is coming back for an extra-long finale episode after ending its run in 2010. Bleeding Cool reports that […]
  12. long goodbyes
    Dan Harmon’s Community Ideas Still in PlayA new BFF for Abed, you say?
  13. movie review
    Movie Review: The WatchScratch the surface of The Watch and you’ll find a lot of anxiety about the neutering of the modern American male.
  14. Richard Ayoade Explains Becoming a Comedian at Law School“When I was at university, they had a club that does comedy that I became involved in. I was in a very privileged position in that they got to […]
  15. chat room
    The Watch’s Richard Ayoade On Breaking Into Comedy and Playing The Nerd“My physiognomy is not best fit for action.”
  16. Watch the American ‘IT Crowd’s’ Pilot (While It’s Still Up) Weird, right? This was NBC’s failed attempt to remake the British hit sitcom The IT Crowd. This episode of television is particularly relevant […]
  17. trailer mix
    See Ben Stiller in the Trailer for The WatchThe movie was renamed from Neighborhood Watch.
  18. The Toughest Minivan Drive-By You’ll Ever See The first teaser trailer for Neighborhood Watch (the alien comedy directed by Akiva Schaffer and starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Academy […]
  19. trailer mix
    Neighborhood Watch Teaser: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill Team UpThey’ll fight small-time crime … and aliens.
  20. movie review
    Movie Review: Submarine SurfacesWhereas Anderson’s hyper-referential films have become dioramas of Pantone-perfect dream homes, Ayoade’s stylized aesthetic feels more lived-in, and recognizably human.
  21. Check Out the Trailer for Submarine, Directed by The IT Crowd’s Richard […] This trailer for Submarine, which was directed by The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade and produced by Warp Films (which also put out the amazing […]