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Roast Of Charlie Sheen

  1. The Zinger And The Warlock King: The Roast Of Charlie SheenThe most interesting part about watching the Charlie Sheen roast, which aired last nigh, is that Charlie Sheen isn’t crazy anymore. Well, not […]
  2. Comedy Central Is Going All Out for Charlie Sheen Roast, Social Media-wiseGet ready for the next level of porn star jokes in 3…2…1. After experiencing crazy Twitter success during the roast of Donald Trump, for next […]
  3. Jeffrey Ross Throws the First Zingers on the Fire in The Roast Of Charlie […] The Roast of Charlie Sheen Mon, Sept 19 10/9c Preview - Jeffrey Ross - Family Obligation www.comedycentral.com Comedy […]
  4. Mike Tyson and Steve-O to Bring Dignity to the Charlie Sheen RoastThe lineup of roasters for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen has been announced, and it’s as ridiculous as you’d expect. […]
  5. Charlie Sheen Roast Teaser Is a Little Too Real You know I’m not going to pretend like I’m not going to watch this thing come September 19, but the most recent Charlie Sheen roast teaser is […]
  6. Your Charlie Sheen Roastmaster: Seth MacFarlaneComedy Central has announced that the roastmaster for the upcoming Roast of Charlie Sheen will be Seth MacFarlane. Man, I didn’t think it was […]