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Rob Heubel

  1. This Week’s Web Series You Need to Watch: ShutterbugsThis week’s series isn’t new. It’s not cutting edge or avant-garde. It doesn’t star two young comedic upstarts just beginning to make their […]
  2. Talking to Rob Huebel about Childrens Hospital, Filming in Brazil, and […]Rob Huebel is in high demand in the comedy world these days, splitting his time between a wide range of acting roles in film and TV, most […]
  3. Rob Huebel and Warren Sapp Go Looking for a Dead Body Here’s a sketch from the new season of Funny or Die Presents, which is returning to HBO on Friday the 14th. In it, we get Rob Huebel and […]
  4. Rob Heubel Leads an Action Movie Pun Briainstorm CollegeHumor is moving into Funny or Die territory, now releasing a new video every week with a known star rather than sticking to their core […]
  5. Life After Being a Part of a Human Centipede What happens to the victims in Human Centipede after they’re separated from each other? They’ve got a lot of interpersonal issues to deal […]