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  1. in memoriam
    Rob Reiner, Mel Brooks, Alan Alda, and More Celebs Share Tributes to Carl ReinerSarah Silverman, Stephen Colbert, and more share their remembrances.
  2. last night on late night
    John Mulaney Was Recently Plagued by a Rob Reiner Anxiety DreamIt involves cherry blossoms and acid-reflux medication for dogs.
  3. telling! it! all!
    14 Other Celebrities Who Might Want to Know They’re in Demi Moore’s MemoirRob Lowe, Flea, and … Lena Dunham?
  4. reunions
    Spinal Tap Reunites 35 Years After the Band’s Rock Mockumentary Hit TheatersRob Reiner, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer got the (fictional) band back together to perform at Tribeca Film Festival.
  5. last night on late night
    Rob Reiner Can’t Help But Notice Donald Trump Is Actually a Pretty Bad ActorWait, he means other than Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, right?
  6. vulture lists
    Every Rob Reiner Movie, RankedA few good films.
  7. movie review
    Shock and Awe Undercuts Its Own Great StoryIn Rob Reiner’s latest, he can’t quite hold back the Hollywoodisms.
  8. Rob Reiner Thinks Our Democracy Is Hanging by a ThreadWe talk to the legendary director about his latest, Shock and Awe, and what it says about our current political moment.
  9. trailer mix
    Shock and Awe Trailer: Another Newspaper MovieStarring Woody Harrelson and James Marsden, directed by Rob Reiner.
  10. LBJ Is a By-the-Numbers Presidential DramaWoody Harrelson stars in Rob Reiner’s uninspired telling of the origins of the Civil Rights Act.
  11. politics
    Roseanne Barr Got Into a Drunken Argument With Rob Reiner About Russia“I drank too much in NYC and saw Rob Reiner and could not help myself.”
  12. international politics
    Rob Reiner and a Few Good Men Are Investigating RussiaMorgan Freeman makes a cameo as president. Naturally.
  13. lawsuits
    This Is Spinal Tap Director on Royalties Suit: I Hope ‘This Lawsuit Goes to 11’The massive lawsuit was filed by Harry Shearer over lost royalties from the mockumentary.
  14. makeup
    Dang, Woody Harrelson Looks Pretty Great As LBJ, TooPresidential makeup artists are on point this year.
  15. the industry
    Woody Harrelson Is Playing LBJFor a Rob Reiner biopic.
  16. The Many Beginnings of ‘All in the Family’ The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio […]
  17. movie review
    Movie Review: And So It GoesDirected by Rob Reiner.
  18. 80s nostalgia
    The When Harry Met Sally Movie Premiere Was So 1989Actually, these photos are from two separate premieres.
  19. Did You Know That a Lot of Critics Didn’t Like When Harry Met Sally?The reviews were decidedly mixed.
  20. close reads
    How When Harry Met Sally Used Visual Spacing To Tell a Love StoryYou’ll never be able to watch the Nora Ephron / Rob Reiner classic the same way again.
  21. trailer mix
    And So It Goes Trailer: Stick to the Old FormulaDirected by Rob Reiner.
  22. Cary Elwes Is Writing a Memoir About ‘The Princess Bride’Cary Elwes, who starred as Westley in the classic 1987 comedy The Princess Bride, is writing a memoir about the film. The Associated […]
  23. Christopher Guest Teases a Spinal Tap 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2014Next year marks the 30th anniversary of This Is Spinal Tap’s release, and in a new interview, Christopher Guest, teased the possibility of some […]
  24. The New Girl Gets Old Parents and Schmidt Gets a Sex MasterRob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis are going to guest star on The New Girl next season as Jess’s parents. Will they be whimsical sillyheads like […]
  25. castings
    New Girl Casts Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob ReinerIt’s not Schmidt, or Nick, or Winston.
  26. chat room
    Rob Reiner and Morgan Freeman on Mortality, Sci-Fi, and Wrangling Movie RightsThese guys are the best.
  27. casting couch
    Rob Reiner Eyeing Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall StreetIt’d be his first big-screen role in a decade.
  28. trailer mix
    The Magic of Belle Isle Trailer: Morgan Freeman, Cantankerous Old CootIt’s Rob Reiner’s new film.
  29. overnights
    American Idol Recap: Paul F. Tompkins on Movie-Night Fallout“Am I being hard on a bunch of kids who entered a contest? If so, I am the only one.”
  30. the daily show
    Billy Crystal Describes Rob Reiner’s When Harry Met Sally Orgasm in Loving DetailWe’re all having what he’s having …
  31. The Finally Screenings: I Just Saw When Harry Met Sally For the First TimeIn The Finally Screenings, Alden Ford is watching comedy classics that, because he grew up in a cave in Alaska, he’s never seen before. These […]
  32. trailer mix
    Flipped Trailer: A Big Dose of NostalgiaA first love story set in the fifties.
  33. the industry
    Natalie Portman: Warrior PrincessNicole Kidman and Lucy Punch: interchangeable.
  34. the industry
    Vince Vaughn to Try ComedyPlus: David Gordon Green gets his freak on.