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  1. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012Grab the tissues!
  2. supercut
    The Sitcom Season in Rape JokesA video.
  3. The Rob Premiere Absolutely Crushed NBC In Last Night’s RatingsOh, by the way, Rob TRIPLED Parks & Rec’s ratings last night. I tell you, if this keeps up I am moving to Canada. I’m serious this time.
  4. ratings
    Rob Starts Strong, 30 Rock Not So MuchIt was the least watched 30 Rock premiere ever.
  5. tv review
    Seitz: ¡Rob! Is Not the Comedy ApocalypseThat doesn’t mean it’s great, mind you.
  6. Rob Is Fiercely Battling Work It for the Title of ‘TV’s Worst New Show’It would be very easy to get caught up in the fuss about Work It being horrible and lose sight of what’s really important: talking about Rob […]
  7. tca 2012
    CBS Exec Says 2 Broke Girls’ Cast Will Be ‘Dimensionalized’Read: The supporting players may become more than “funny-talking Asian” and “horny, hairy immigrant.”
  8. These Twenty Seconds of Rob Will Make You Bleed From the Ears Rob may have lost its upside-down exclamation point, but it hasn’t lost its feisty Spanish-inflected spirit! Because people of different […]
  9. CBS Gives in and Changes ¡Rob! to RobEveryone breathe out. CBS has given in to popular demand and common sense and changed the title of Rob Schneider’s new show from ¡Rob! to Rob. […]
  10. name game
    CBS Comes to Senses, New Sitcom ¡Rob! Now Just RobPraise the punctuation gods.
  11. Trade Roundup: ¡Rob!, Chelsea Handler- Rob Schneider’s midseason sitcom has been given an inverted exclamation point and a start date. ¡Rob! will premiere on January 12. Lord help […]