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  1. coming soon
    Lily-Rose Depp Reportedly Says Yesferatu to Robert Eggers’s NosferatuBill Skarsgård is expected to star alongside her as the titular vampire.
  2. a twenty-four
    Brandy and Her Range to Star in A24 Psychological HorrorFrom the Eggers twins, Robert’s little brothers.
  3. explainer
    That Bloody, Head-bashing Game in The Northman Is Based on a Real Viking SportTwo Viking experts explain the ins and outs of the violent Viking-era sport known as knattleikr.
  4. hair flair
    Which Alexander Skarsgård Hairdo from The Northman Is Right for You?Charting Amleth’s character arc through the vengeful prince’s pageboy, bowl cut, and ‘90s boy-band bob.
  5. close reads
    Let’s Unpack That Diabolical Incest Scene in The NorthmanA prince creates an unalterable image of his mother and takes it with him into her bedchamber — where she destroys it.
  6. asmr seeress
    The Northman Is a $90 Million Björk Music VideoAnd it wouldn’t have been possible without her.
  7. vulture faq
    11 Burning Questions About The Northman, AnsweredWhy is Ethan Hawke on his knees barking like a dog? Does Willem Dafoe’s hair always get you high, or do you have to mummify his head first?
  8. movie review
    In Praise of The Northman’s Ruthless UnrelatabilityThe Alexander Skarsgård Viking saga makes no effort to bend its characters toward modern sensibilities, and you know what? It’s great.
  9. backstories
    The Hardest Day on the Set of The NorthmanDozens of viking extras, nonstop rain, and a village full of animals — what could go wrong?
  10. waterworld 2
    New Yorkers Guess The Northman’s Plot Based on Untitled Subway Posters“Vikings who are going through a really tough time.”
  11. movie review
    The Lighthouse Is About the Horror of Roommates in IsolationMermaids, hallucinations, bodily fluids — in Robert Eggers’s movie, the most frightening thing of all is having to share your space with someone.
  12. casting
    Hollywood Viking Alexander Skarsgård Might Be Making A Real Viking MovieHe leads a cast of other fair and slender movie stars.
  13. fall preview 2019
    Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse, His Bleakly Gorgeous Follow-up to The WitchThe director places us in a remote 19th-century lighthouse, where two men — played by Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson — find themselves at odds.
  14. trailer mix
    Robert Pattinson Goes Crazy, Fights an Octopus in The Lighthouse TrailerBehold, director Robert Eggers’s follow-up to The Witch.
  15. chat room
    How Robert Eggers Researched The WitchThe facts beyond the scariest moments in The Witch.
  16. movie review
    Puritan Throwback The Witch Gets Under Your SkinEven when the film is spare, it’s heavy.
  17. trailer mix
    The Witch Trailer Will Give You a Good ScareThat is one talented goat.