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Rock Hall 2017

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    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Still Has No Idea What to Make of Black ArtWhen it came time to induct Tupac after several white acts, there was a mass exodus to the bathroom.
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    Jeff Ament Uses His Shirt and Speech to Call Out Rock Hall’s Ignored Musicians“The fact is that we were affected and infected by bands that aren’t here.”
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    Journey’s Rock Hall Induction Was Short, and It Could’ve Been SweeterSteve Perry didn’t perform, much to the chagrin of fans.
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    Joan Baez’s Rock Hall Speech Was Yet Another Powerful Work of Activism“I want my granddaughter to know that I fought against an evil tide and had the masses by my side.”
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    Yes’s Rick Wakeman Was the Unexpected Scene-Stealer at This Year’s Rock Hall“Less than half a mile away from this very building is where I had my very first meaningful sexual experience.”
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    Eddie Vedder Talks Climate Change, Chance the Rapper in Rock Hall Speech“Climate change is real. That is not fake news.”
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    Rock Hall 2017: Snoop Dogg Honors Tupac Shakur With ‘Crazy’ Parasailing Anecdote“I never shared this story before but it really speaks to our journey.”
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    David Letterman’s Induction Speech for Pearl Jam Was the Best of the Night“In 1994, these young men risked their careers by going after those beady-eyed, blood-thirsty weasels.”