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Rock Hall 2021

  1. respect the classics
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2021 Rock Hall Induction CeremonyHello again, Cleveland.
  2. rock hall 2021
    The Rock Hall Induction Cut a Charlie Watts All-Star Tribute for Time“Rehearsing the song was a highlight for sure,” Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine revealed.
  3. rock hall 2021
    The Foo Fighters Bring Back ‘Super Jams’ to Rock Hall 2021Grohl was joined by his music-career twin, Paul McCartney.
  4. rock hall 2021
    LL Cool J Surprises Rock Hall With J.Lo and Eminem CollabTurns out the J in LL Cool J stands for J.Lo!
  5. rock hall 2021
    Live From the Rock Hall Induction, It’s Chappelle’s Show“I would like to apologize,” the comedian said while inducting Jay-Z. “I’m just fucking with you all.”
  6. rock hall 2021
    Taylor Swift Opens the Rock Hall Induction With Ethereal Carole King CoverWatch her perform “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?”
  7. rock hall 2021
    Paul McCartney Inducts His Beautiful Stalker, Dave Grohl, Into the Rock Hall“We had a great time with our groups, but then eventually tragedy happened.”
  8. rock hall 2021
    The Go-Go’s Ding the Rock Hall’s Misogyny Problem“There would not be less of us if more of us were visible.”
  9. rock hall 2021
    LL Cool J Still Sees His Rock Hall Snubs As a Blessing“I wasn’t thinking about the people who voted against me. I was thinking about the people who voted for me. It was love.”
  10. rock hall 2021
    Jay-Z’s Rock Hall Induction Made Him ‘Cry in Front of All These White People’“Sorry for this long-ass speech.”
  11. rock hall 2021
    Taylor Swift Pleads Her Case for Carole King Being the Greatest Songwriter EverOf course there’s also a cat reference.
  12. rock hall 2021
    Drew Barrymore Goes Full Go-Go’s Girl for Their Rock Hall Induction“This is a true-blue love letter from their biggest fan.”
  13. rocked and rolled
    Jane Wiedlin Knows the Go-Go’s Could’ve Been Even Bigger“Because at that time we gave a fuck what people thought of us.”
  14. in conversation
    Dave Grohl Has Seen Too MuchHe’s the most prolific rock star of the last 30 years. Somehow, we’re still getting to know him.
  15. respect the classics
    Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift Roll Forward As Rock Hall of Fame PresentersFor Foo Fighters and Carole King, respectively.
  16. rock hall 2021
    Actually, Jay-Z Seems Pretty Giddy About His Rock Hall InductionOnward to Cleveland!
  17. respect the classics
    The Biggest Surprises and Snubs of the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame InducteesLL Cool J and Kraftwerk can get a special award, as a treat.
  18. respect the classics
    The Go-Go’s, Tina Turner, and Jay-Z Among 2021 Rock Hall of Fame InducteesWith Foo Fighters, Todd Rundgren, and Carole King rounding out the others.
  19. respect the classics
    Tina Turner Won the Rock Hall’s 2021 Fan Vote, But It Doesn’t Guarantee AnythingDon’t preemptively celebrate just yet.
  20. superlatives
    The Most Irreverent and Joyous of the Go-Go’s, According to Belinda Carlisle“We just didn’t give a shit, really. It’s part of the magic of the band.”
  21. respect the classics
    For Those Attending the Rock Hall of Fame’s 2021 Induction, We Salute YouThe in-person ceremony will occur on October 30.
  22. respect the classics
    All of the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees, RankedWho’s most deserving of induction this year? And who should maybe just wait?
  23. respect the classics
    Foo Fighters, Dionne Warwick, and Jay-Z Lead 2021 Rock Hall of Fame NominationsWomen especially rule this year’s contenders.