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  1. hacks
    Everything We Know About the Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 6 LeakA hacker claims to have the source code for what is perhaps the most anticipated game in history.
  2. video games
    The Making of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2How the creator of the megahit Grand Theft Auto digitized the West for its next blockbuster.
  3. video games
    Red Dead Redemption Trailer: Grand Theft Auto Goes WestThe company behind GTA has just unveiled the trailer for Red Dead Redemption, its latest console-based murder simulator, this one set in the violent Wild West.
  4. chat room
    Grand Theft Auto IV’s Art Director Aaron Garbut on Copycat Games and the Public Bathrooms of Liberty CityGarbut talks to Vulture about recreating New York, pixel by pixel.
  5. agenda
    Grand Theft Auto IV: the Entertainment Event of 2008This isn’t just the latest, best entry in the popular, comically ultraviolent video-game series; it’s a viable, more-fun alternative to actually going outside.
  6. trailer mix
    Is Grand Theft Auto IV the Perfect New York City Stress Reliever? Yes.Did you have a crappy subway ride this morning? You probably need this video game.
  7. countdown
    Grand Theft Auto IV’s Map of New York ‘Liberty City’ LeaksIs your neighborhood accurately represented as a hotbed of vice and sin?