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Roger Waters

  1. the law
    Roger Waters Investigated Over Alleged Antisemitism in German ConcertsHe has long said his SS-like costume is parody.
  2. music feuds
    Pink Floyd Continues to Battle Over the Russian Invasion of UkraineRoger Waters is accused of being antisemitic and pro-Putin by his bandmates.
  3. russia invasion
    Pink Floyd Removes Their Music From Digital-Music Providers in RussiaRoger Waters also writes an open letter condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  4. respect the classics
    Roger Waters to Write Very Progressive Memoirs“Anyone who likes a good laugh, sit back and fucking howl!”
  5. respect the classics
    David Gilmour Kicked Roger Waters Out of Pink Floyd’s WebsiteAnd now they’re feuding.
  6. where’s the beef?
    Roger Waters Says He Emailed Thom Yorke About Radiohead Playing Israel“That is not true, Thom. I have made every effort to engage with you personally, and would still like to have the conversation.”
  7. thom yorke
    Thom Yorke Is Pissed Rogers Waters Thinks Radiohead Shouldn’t Play Israel“It’s deeply disrespectful to assume that we’re either being misinformed or that we’re so retarded we can’t make these decisions ourselves.”
  8. boycotts
    Artists Sign Open Letter Asking Radiohead to Cancel a Concert in IsraelArchbishop Desmond Tutu, Roger Waters, and more say playing in the country passively supports apartheid conditions.
  9. cracking the voice
    Which Oldchella Headliners Can Still Hit Their High Notes? Listen and Find OutCompare audio clips of the six headliners singing their most vocally demanding songs on recent tours to clips recorded decades ago when their throats were younger and in better shape.
  10. concerts
    McCartney, Dylan, and More to Play MegaconcertA 2016 Woodstock?
  11. lighters up
    Which Band Acted the Classic-Rock-iest at the 12.12.12 Concert?Scoring the age-old moves, song choices, and “I love you, New York!” patter of the Stones, Who, Clapton, Billy Joel, Bruce, and the rest of the white guys.
  12. quote machine
    Tom Waits Inexplicably Cast As Scary-Voiced Evil PersonPlus: Chuck D. on forgetting the words.
  13. quote machine
    Gwyneth Paltrow Maybe Wouldn’t Do PornPlus: Amy Sedaris on how Jerri Blank’s style obviously surpassed Carrie Bradshaw’s.
  14. the industry
    Jeffrey Wright Is Swimming in Some Muddy WatersPlus: Ryan Gosling as Jack Ryan?
  15. vulture lists
    8 Lamest Pop-Classical Crossovers in HistoryPaul McCartney! Elvis Costello! And Sting! Obviously!