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  1. sex crimes
    Ron Jeremy Will Be Declared Unfit for Trial on 30+ Counts of Sexual AssaultThe fitness ruling will come down January 17.
  2. breaking bad
    You Wanted a Breaking Bad–Themed Porno? You Got ItAnd it will be gross!
  3. quote machine
    It Was an Honor Just for Ron Jeremy to Be in a Porno That Was in a Movie That Was NominatedPlus: Pete Doherty gets a wedgie.
  4. beef
    Ron Jeremy vs. His GhostwriterIn a battle of words between a porn star and an actual writer, round one goes to the writer.
  5. news reel
    Dispatch From BEA: Ron Jeremy, Best-selling Author“‘He was this, this, this, this, a lot of dick jokes, now he’s really stiff, and best-selling author.’”