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  1. summer of scam
    Tavi Gevinson Announces Rookie’s ClosingThe summer of scam makes an unlikely cameo.
  2. spring preview 2017
    Spring 2017 Podcast Preview: S-Town, Rookie, and Other Great Shows to Watch ForThe Serial crew returns with a brand-new podcast you’ll love.
  3. John Mulaney Offers Some Relationship Advice for ‘Rookie’In the latest installment of their ongoing series “Ask a Grown Man,” Rookie recently asked John Mulaney to field questions about playing hard […]
  4. Stephen Colbert Gives Some Grownup Advice to Girls for ‘Rookie’Rookie’s ongoing series “Ask a Grown Man” has already offered up plenty of great advice from comedy people like Danny Pudi, Kumail Nanjiani, […]
  5. Watch Tig Notaro’s Video for Rookie’s ‘Ask a Grown Woman’ Here’s a bunch of advice for teenage girls from comedian Tig Notaro as a part of Rookie magazine’s series Ask a Grown Woman. Her main piece of […]
  6. advice
    Vampire Weekend Did an ‘Ask a Grown Man’Or two of them did, anyway.
  7. Watch Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Ask a Grown Man’ Video for Rookie Here’s a video Jimmy Fallon made for the series “Ask a Grown Man” for Rookie, the online magazine for teenage girls. Comedy dudes like Judd […]
  8. ABC Is Developing a Cop Comedy from ‘Community’ Writer Andy Bobrow ABC just put into development a new sitcom called Rookie, about a woman in her 20s who attempts to reinvent herself by becoming a cop, in […]
  9. danny pudi
    Watch Danny Pudi Dole Out Advice for Teenage GirlsAsk Abed!
  10. Danny Pudi Shows Off His Body to Teach Teenage Girls About Self-Esteem Danny Pudi is the latest dude celebrity to offer up advice to teen girls for Rookie Magazine’s “Ask a Grown Man” series.  In the above video, […]
  11. Every Teenage Girl Needs a Little Mike Birbiglia to Give Them Advice Those teenage years, they’re rough. That’s why I like Rookie’s Ask a Grown Man feature, as it lets those poor, confused teenagers get advice […]
  12. Judd Apatow Can’t Teach You How to Kiss Boys He’d like to but he can’t. What he can do is give a bunch of solid advice about how to be a happier teenager. It speaks to the sad teenager […]
  13. jon hamm
    Watch Jon Hamm Answer Reader Questions From GirlsSex ed just got awesome.
  14. paul rudd
    See Paul Rudd Answer Questions for Readers of RookieTell us more about boobs, Paul Rudd.
  15. hannibal buress
    See Hannibal Buress Give Advice to Teenage GirlsThis Christmas, give your pesky niece the gift of a Vimeo URL.
  16. Hannibal Buress Gives Solid Advice to Teenage Girls Hannibal Buress gave some advice to teenage girls on Rookie Magazine, and it is pretty great advice for everyone. “If you wanna say something, […]
  17. Amy Poehler, Aubry Plaza And Rashida Jones Confirm Candy Is, Will Always […] Part of me feels this video of Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza and Rashida Jones taste-testing candy will only teach teenagers it’s okay to eat […]