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  1. cute!
    Close Your Eyes and Imagine Eddie Redmayne and Jamie Dornan Doing PotteryA hobby they had when they were roommates.
  2. my single is dropping
    Dixie D’Amelio D’rops Music Video for New Song ‘Roommates’“merry Christmas, happy holidays and i sure as fuck hope 2021 is better than 2020”
  3. connections
    Wait, Marianne Williamson and Laura Dern Used to Be Roommates?Transcendental meditation works in mysterious ways.
  4. ‘Gregg & Becca’: Proof We Should Stop Being So Precious I’ve railed against narrative web series of late, and I stand behind my vitriol. Still, I found myself enjoying the 20 minutes that I took […]
  5. I’m Beginning to Suspect That You, My Roommate, Are Not Famed Artist […] Hey Kevin, hey Banksy, come on in and have a seat. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. I know we’re all incredibly busy—me with my […]
  6. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What Pop Culture Did a Roommate Ruin for You?For Jesse David Fox, a college roommate listened to a song so often that he now cringes at the mere thought of it.