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Ross Butler

  1. casting
    Ross Butler Joins To All the Boys Sequel, Because of CourseThank you!
  2. Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex Is Suing Her Mom for Alleged Plot to Kidnap & Kill HimDefendants in the suit filed by Isaiah Silva include former Britney Spears manager Sam Lutfi and 13 Reasons Why’s Ross Butler.
  3. chat room
    Ross Butler on His Big 13 Reasons Why Twist and Why He Left Riverdale“I definitely see him as part of the problem. That’s a lesson we’re trying to teach with Zach.”
  4. chat room
    Ross Butler on 13 Reasons Why, Diversity, and His Friendship With Courtney Love“She’s super educated, like a walking encyclopedia.”
  5. Ross Butler Is Leaving Riverdale, Which Probably Means More 13 Reasons WhyThe show will recast Archie’s iconic rival Reggie.
  6. meet your crush
    With Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, Ross Butler Is Your Spring CrushIt’s time for some new crush fodder, and Ross Butler’s teen dramas have arrived just in time.