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  1. white collar crime shows
    Amazon Nabs FTX-Fiasco Limited Series From the Russo BrothersWill the eight-episode series get into the Larry David Super Bowl ad?
  2. no regrets
    Even Jon Favreau Couldn’t Save Iron Man From the Russo Brothers“It’s going to devastate people.”
  3. movie review
    The Gray Man Is the Most Expensive Movie Netflix Has Ever Made, and It’s … FineRyan Gosling and Chris Evans star in an action extravaganza that feels made to be watched in the background while you’re on your phone.
  4. cherk
    Watch the Teaser for Cherry, the Tom Holland Movie With the Weird PosterCHERK PLEASE!
  5. ryan gosling
    Ryan Gosling Will Be Russo Bros’ Gray Man, Chris Evans Will Be Their Other ManThe movie will be Netflix’s most financially ambitious movie to date.
  6. movies
    Tom Holland to Star in Russo Brothers’ Rated-R Film Adaptation of CherryYour friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is about to go dark.
  7. trailer mix
    Here’s the Trailer for 21 Bridges, the Russo Brothers’ First Post-Avengers MovieIf you are the directing duo known for MCU films, you steer clear of caped crusaders in your new movie, but you still cast Chadwick Boseman.
  8. the industry
    Avengers: Endgame Probably Won’t Beat Avatar As the Highest-Grossing Movie EverRepeat viewings and strong international ticket sales might not be enough to help Endgame dethrone James Cameron’s sci-fi epic, experts say.
  9. movies
    How the Russo Brothers Wrote Stan Lee’s Cameo Into Avengers: EndgameJoe and Anthony discuss Stan’s last moments on set, time travel in the multiverse, and whether they left Cap/Bucky moments on the cutting-room floor.
  10. marvel
    Who Was That Kid at the Avengers: Endgame Funeral?That’s right, you’ll be horrifically shocked to learn that at least one person dies in this movie.
  11. casting
    Chris Hemsworth Is Reteaming With the Russo Brothers for a Netflix Hostage MovieThere will be muscles.
  12. quantum and woody
    Avengers Directors the Russo Brothers Producing Superhero Tale Quantum and WoodyThe critically acclaimed characters originated at Valiant Comics.
  13. casting couch
    Peter Dinklage in Talks for Infinity War RoleInfinity War and its sequel will shoot back-to-back.
  14. Russo Brothers to Adapt The Warriors for Hulu Viewership, come out to plaaaa-eeee-aaaaay.
  15. easter eggs
    Civil War’s Arrested Development Easter EggIt’s in the airport scene.
  16. captain america civil war
    Why Civil War’s Ending Is Different Than Comics“We were trying to tell the story of a family falling apart. The tragic end of that story is that the family is divided”
  17. superheroes
    The Russo Brothers Are Producing a Chinese Superhero FlickTentatively titled A Hero’s Awakening.
  18. the industry
    Captain America’s Directors Are Developing a Pot Comedy for ShowtimeThe project follows a family that tries to adjust to a world where pot is legal.
  19. Moshe Kasher and Zach Cregger Are Developing a Pot Comedy at ShowtimeShowtime just added another comedy to its development slate by Moshe Kasher (Another Period) and Zach Cregger (The Whitest Kids U’Know). […]
  20. movie review
    Captain America: Civil War Is a Busy — But Uninventive — BlockbusterMarvel has resorted to making its colorful superheroes fight one another.
  21. comic-book movies
    Avengers: Infinity War Will Contain at Least Two Hunky Guys Named ChrisThor and Star-Lord will be a part of the Infinity shenanigans.
  22. The Russo Bros and the Idea of Studio AuteurismJoe and Anthony Russo may be unlikely blockbuster impresarios, but they’re the future of Hollywood.
  23. avengers
    Russo Brothers to Direct Avengers 3 and 4They’ll reportedly take over for Joss Whedon.
  24. Sony Is Developing an All-Male ‘Ghostbusters’ RebootPaul Feig isn’t the only director set to bring Ghostbusters back to the big screen. According to Deadline, Sony is currently developing a […]
  25. directors chair
    The Russo Brothers to Direct Captain America 3Making them Colonel Americas, in a way.
  26. ‘Community’s’ Russo Brothers to Bring Their Paintball Experience to […]With The Avengers making more money in a few weeks than the net worth of most small countries, its only natural that Marvel and Disney are […]