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  1. netflix
    Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds Are [Explosion!] Making a Giant Movie for NetflixWith Netflix’s biggest budget yet.
  2. dvd extras
    Deadpool Killed Baby Hitler in a Deleted SceneThe director explains why.
  3. Revisiting the Strange Cinematic Debut of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: WolverineIn X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool made his cinematic debut — but looked and acted nothing like the Deadpool we know now.
  4. The Deadpool Moment: The Inside Story of Marvel’s Boom BrandHe went from comic-book zero to cinema hero.
  5. Deadpool 2 Is Tedious and PredictableRyan Reynolds returns for a film that spits one-liners as mechanically as a tennis-ball launcher.
  6. the videodome
    Céline Dion Serenades a Cranky Deadpool in This Ashes Music Video“Beat it, Spider-Man.”
  7. 9 Things We Learned From the Deadpool 2 TrailerThe movie will feature … Rob Delaney?
  8. trailer mix
    Deadpool 2 Trailer: They’re Forming a Super Duper F*ckin’ Group“So dark! You sure you’re not from the DC universe?”
  9. casting
    Rita Ora Joins Detective Pikachu, As the World Asks, ‘Who Is That Pokémon?’Ryan Reynolds is starring as the titular Detective Pikachu.
  10. the industry
    Ryan Reynolds to Develop a Clue Movie With Deadpool WritersFlames … on the side of Ryan Reynolds’s face … breathing … breathless …heaving breaths …
  11. r rated
    Deadpool, a Bad Little Boy, Will Keep His R-Rating After Disney-Fox AcquisitionDisney CEO Bob Iger confirmed Deapool 2 can stay rated R.
  12. castings
    Ryan Reynolds Will Play the Titular Sleuth in Detective PikachuAnd yes, the role is reportedly going to include motion capture.
  13. I Think I Saw The Hitman’s Bodyguard, But I Can’t Be SureThe one with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy? Or, wait …
  14. the boy with the ryan reynolds tattoo
    Bad Tattoo Connoisseur Ryan Reynolds Doesn’t Like Fan’s Butt Tattoo of His NameHe only has himself to blame.
  15. kill your darlings
    The Mark of True Movie Stardom? Getting Killed Off EarlyIt takes a delicate balance to kill off your biggest star early in a movie.
  16. your box office explained
    Even Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Can’t Make an Original Film a Hit NowBad news for fans of original films.
  17. movie review
    Movie Review: Life Is a Passable Alien ImitationIt’s Alien for short attention spans, or Arrival for non-pacifists.
  18. vulture lists
    Life Has a Lot of Gross Deaths, But Which Is the Grossest?An objective ranking of onscreen death, from “meh” to “close your eyes.”
  19. last night on late night
    Jake Gyllenhaal Is Trying Really Hard to Prove He and Ryan Reynolds Are FriendsSomeone option this love story.
  20. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Have a Long History of Trolling Each OtherVIDEO: “You gave us Wolverine. And for that, I can’t forgive you.”
  21. trailer mix
    Deadpool 2 Teaser: Wade Wilson Can Delay Seeing Logan If It Means Saving the DayDeadpool tries to channel Superman in a teaser scene that ran before Logan.
  22. trailer mix
    New Life Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Find Life on MarsMove over, Passengers.
  23. roll clip!
    Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Had a Game Plan With Their Golden Globes KissAh, romance.
  24. egregious oversights
    Jake Gyllenhaal Loves Ryan Reynolds in DeadpoolAcademy, are you listening?
  25. feminist ryan gosling
    Ryan Gosling Gave the Most Feminist Ryan Gosling Golden Globes SpeechRyan Gosling is Hollywood’s leading Ryan.
  26. the awards show show
    Which Shocking Oscar Nomination Might Actually Happen?Deadpool? Vince Vaughn? Colin Farrell?
  27. Hugh Jackman Goes Deadpool-Rude on Ryan ReynoldsA celebrity impression for the ages.
  28. The Best Golden Globes Nomination Reactions So FarFrom thanking Russia to crying on a couch with mom.
  29. bad auditions
    Ryan Reynolds Tanked His Audition for the Coen Brothers“What are you doing here? Do you have a SAG card?”
  30. self-affirmations
    Ryan Reynolds: Ryan Reynolds Is FunnyGood for you, Ryan! We are proud.
  31. last night on late night
    Here’s Ryan Reynolds & Conan O’Brien Making OutWhen they kiss, time stands still, and, like, not in the good way.
  32. passion projects
    Ryan Reynolds Personally Paid Deadpool WritersHow much does Ryan Reynolds love Deadpool? Let him count the ways.
  33. money method acting
    Reynolds Paid to Have Bea Arthur in DeadpoolA cool $10,000.
  34. roll clip!
    Watch the Honest Trailer for DeadpoolIf we’re being honest here …
  35. Ryan Reynolds’s Touching Tribute to a 13-Year-Old Fan Will Probably Make You CryWe recommend you have Kleenex on hand for this one. 
  36. happy monthiversary
    Deadpool Celebrates MonthiversaryRegenerate the magic.
  37. Deadpool Isn’t Doing SNL for Kanye-Like ReasonsIn response to a petition to get the character to host the show.
  38. a good problem to have
    Why Deadpool’s Astounding Success Poses a Challenge for FoxHere’s a hint: arrrrrrrrr.
  39. last night on late night
    Corden Really Wants to Be Deadpool’s SidekickThank God for Ravey Crockett.
  40. deadpool
    James Gunn: Deadpool Might Teach Wrong Lessons“They’ll treat you like you’re stupid, which is the one thing Deadpool didn’t do.”
  41. dead presidents
    Deadpool Is About to Make a Crazy Amount of MoneyLike, potentially record-breaking crazy.
  42. flops
    Ryan Reynolds Gives Green Lantern a 1 Out of 10 (1=Bad)Deadpool makes up for it, though.
  43. roll clip!
    Betty White on Deadpool: ‘It’s the Best Picture of the Year’She also thinks highly of Ryan Reynolds in a red-leather suit.
  44. movie reviews
    Review: Deadpool Inverts the Superhero FormulaIt’s a send-up of Marvel movies but in no way a takedown of them.
  45. humor
    Deadpool and the Promising Rise of Heteroflexibility in ComediesComedic protagonists — especially those who wear superhero suits — don’t generally leave room for nuance.
  46. deadpool
    Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool Too Profane for ChinaDue to violence, nudity, and graphic language.
  47. adorable gifts
    Blake Lively Gave Ryan Reynolds a Deadpool DollAnd the Cutest Couple award goes to …
  48. trailer mix
    Deadpool’s New Christmas Trailer Is HereMerry Christmas: It’s pretty badass.
  49. roll clip!
    Watch Deadpool’s Holiday VideoScrew the yule, use the ‘Pool.
  50. friendship is magic
    Watch Reynolds Mock Jackman in Deadpool Make-upNot included: a kookaburra or a Vegemite sandwich.
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