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Sam Elliott

  1. howdy?
    Sam Elliott Feels ‘Terrible’ for Power of the Dog CriticismTo Jane Campion: “I can only say that I’m sorry, and I am.”
  2. wyd?
    Jane Campion Learns the Power of the Milkshake DuckVenus Williams’s expression speaks volumes.
  3. macgruber
    The MacGruber TV Show Adds Three Legends to Its CastOf course Sam Elliott is MacGruber’s dad!
  4. sex symbols
    Sam Elliott is Road House’s Real Sex SymbolElliott may have gotten an Oscar nom, but there’s no topping his career height, when he surpassed Patrick Swayze in sexiness.
  5. movie review
    A Star Is Born Is One Hell of a Magic TrickI have zero doubts about the first half — it couldn’t be more charming.
  6. trailer mix
    You Have to Look Closely to Find Danny Masterson in New Trailer for The RanchThe Bennett family would like to direct your attention to Ashton Kutcher.
  7. casting couch
    Sam Elliott Will Play Gaga’s Manager in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born RebootWe’d listen to your warm, affable advice, Sam Elliott.
  8. chat room
    Blythe Danner on the Price of Aging, Insomnia, and Her First Starring Film Role“We all experience loss, and grief is the price we pay for loving. You have to not fall apart, and keep going.”
  9. chat room
    Sam Elliott on Joining Justified and His ’Stache“I’m expecting to be amongst the dead before it’s over.”
  10. Nick Offerman on His Friendship with Sam Elliott“Getting to meet him was incredibly surreal because he’s someone I admire greatly, and to discover that he was a fan of the show and therefore […]
  11. Sam Elliott to Play Ron Swanson’s Rival on ‘Parks and Rec’The list of guest stars for Parks and Recreation’s upcoming sixth season continues to grow. TV Line reports that mustachioed character actor […]
  12. cameos
    Sam Elliott to Play Ron Swanson’s Doppelganger on Parks and RecHe’s Eagleton’s own version of the mustachioed grump.
  13. road house
    See Every Punch in Road HouseAh, the days before everyone freaked out over Mortal Kombat. Those were good days.
  14. news reel
    Chris Weitz and His Pigeon Daemon Walk the Red CarpetSome of the actors in The Golden Compass don’t really seem to get the concept of daemons.