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Sam Neill

  1. movie review
    The Jurassic World Trilogy Has Painted Itself Into a CornerThe only wow factor in Jurassic World: Dominion is the awesome depth of its failure.
  2. tv review
    Invasion Made Me Root for the AliensIn the Apple TV+ series, characters across the globe bumble around in their own misery, resentful that aliens keep interrupting their tragic lives.
  3. trailer mix
    The Invasion Trailer Makes Us Question Who the Real Aliens AreYet another Apple TV+ sci-fi show for us.
  4. post-mank culture
    Dustin Hoffman to Play a Golden-Age Studio Exec in Some Non-Mank MovieIt’s Mr. Shaw Goes to Hollywood, actually.
  5. duets
    Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum Serenade Each Other Over Their Jurassic Reunion“Jeff Jammin’”
  6. friday night movie club
    The Movie of This Quarantine Summer Is Jurassic ParkRunning from dinosaurs, stress-eating ice cream, filing into a theme park even though it means putting lives at risk — who can’t relate?
  7. quarantine
    Quarantine Short Dares Ask: What If Helena Bonham Carter Was Sam Neill’s Phone?Welcome to Das Fone Hell.
  8. iconic trios
    Jurassic World 3: Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum Are Out of Extinction[Velociraptor roar of approval.]
  9. horsin’ around
    Inside Sam Neill’s Life on the Farm: Horny Rams, Duck Sons, Murderous Ferrets“What’s amusing me today? It’s mostly my duck.”
  10. upfronts 2011
    Watch Clips From Fox’s New DramasSam Neill goes full creeper for ‘Alcatraz.’
  11. casting
    Alcatraz Adds Sam NeillHe’ll play the head of a government agency in the J.J. Abrams show.
  12. the industry
    Amy Adams, Rashida Jones Joining Muppet Movie?Plus: Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver will star in Rodrigo Cortes’s follow-up to ‘Buried.’
  13. the industry
    Punch-out! Mike Tyson Documentary Coming to TheatersPlus: Bow Wow joins ‘Entourage,’ Sam Neill joins ‘Crusoe,’ and Blake Lively’s brother joins the ‘24’ prequel.