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Sam Waterston

  1. fire drill fridays
    Sam Waterston Arrested for a Second Time Protesting Climate Change in D.C.There was a time you’d hate to hear that Sam Waterston got arrested multiple times. Now it’s 2020.
  2. trailer mix
    Grace and Frankie Tackle Marriage and Toilets in Season 6 TrailerThe penultimate season premieres January 15.
  3. protests
    Sam Waterston and His Cable-Knit Sweater Also Got Arrested With Jane FondaAt Fonda’s weekly climate protest in D.C.
  4. Theater Review: A Tempest Without Much StorminessIn the park.
  5. pay gap
    Fonda, Tomlin Cool With Grace and Frankie Pay“This just reminds us to be mindful of how things come across in interviews.”
  6. trailer mix
    Grace and Frankie Trailer: The Golden Gays Are ComingMartin Sheen and Sam Waterston are getting together
  7. sam is getting upset!
    Video: The Sam Waterston Newsroom Anger-O-MeterMeasuring from quiet belittling to spitting mad.
  8. matt zoller seitz
    TV Review: Sorkin’s The Newsroom — Corny, But InspiringSorkin’s a common-man idealist who wouldn’t know “cool” if it ran him over with a truck.
  9. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Off Broadway Weekend RoundupA Lear by way of Law & Order; a juicy treat in Hand to God.
  10. tear down the wall!
    Philip Seymour Hoffman and Liev Schreiber Go on a Wild Path of DestructionThey gathered with other Public Theater alumni to tear down the lobby before it gets refurbished.
  11. quote machine
    Sam Waterston Can Barely Keep a Straight Face This TimePlus: Tarsem is totally keeping it simple for his next movie.