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    Hitler Reacts to the News Sandra Bullock Won’t Be Attending the German Premiere of The Blind SideThis is some next-level “Hitler Finds Out” meme-ery.
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    Watch the Sandra Bullock Homewrecker, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, Show Off Her Forehead Tattoo“A lot of people told me not to do it.”
  3. quote machine
    Sandra Bullock to Use Oscar As Hood OrnamentPlus: “I’m going to cut the nuts off Conan and his father.”
  4. movies
    A Crazed Sandra Bullock Fan Loses His Mind After Her Oscar Win“Aaaahhhhhh!!!!”
  5. the industry
    What’s an Oscar Worth? It Depends on Your ContractChristoph Waltz got nothing from the Weinsteins, but his next studio paid up for his Best Supporting Actor win.
  6. churls
    Sean Penn Ditches Sandra Bullock Backstage; Forest Whitaker Comes to Her Rescue“Sean, what do I do now?”
  7. kudos
    Sandra Bullock’s Razzie Speech: Even More Charming Than Her Oscar One“Thank you for ruining my career with a very bad decision.”
  8. Your Vulture Oscar Pool Tiebreaker ResultsHow many ‘Avatar’ jokes were there? How many audience shots of Sandra Bullock?
  9. razzies
    Bullock Edges Out Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus for Worst Actress RazzieShe could be first to win Oscar and Razzie in same year!
  10. the industry
    Disney’s New Movie Merch PlanThe studio is acting fast on plans to greenlight only blockbusters and cheap films with on-the-cusp stars.
  11. quote machine
    Adrian Grenier Has a Bad IdeaPlus: Sandra Bullock to wear potato sack to Oscars.
  12. prognosticators
    Oscar Prognosticator Sandra Bullock Says She’s Got No Chance“I’m so not winning an Oscar.”
  13. quote machine
    Nothing Funny About Vince Vaughn’s Singing CareerPlus: What does Ellen really think of Simon?
  14. kudos
    Bullock Won’t Snub the Razzies“If I win, I am so showing up.”
  15. kudos
    Bridges’s and Bullock’s Oscar Odds Now Even BetterWhat does Maggie Gyllenhaal’s surprise nod for Best Supporting Actress mean for George Clooney?
  16. party lines
    Sandra, Mariah, and Penelope at the SAG AwardsShe used to say yes to everything when she lived here. Now she doesn’t.
  17. kudos
    Which SAG Winner Will Lose on Oscar Night?Bullock.
  18. kudos
    Bullock, Bridges, and Basterds Big Winners at SAG AwardsSandra Bullock thanks ‘Crash.’
  19. What to Watch for at This Weekend’s SAG AwardsHint: The Best Actress category seems to be up for grabs.
  20. party chat
    Mo’Nique is Now Referring All Questions on Her Oscar Indifference to Her HusbandAlso: Meryl Streep’s Sandra Bullock movie marathon, and what happens when overzealous reporters grill comedians about Haiti.
  21. quote machine
    Sandra Bullock to Kill Meryl Streep on Live TelevisionAlso: Heidi Montag exactly like the Beatles.
  22. kudos
    Video: Awkwardness Always Reigns at the People’s Choice AwardsWho else is going to give George Lopez the chance to make a series of awkward Mr. Skin jokes on national TV besides the PCAs?
  23. Sandra Bullock’s 2009: The Smart Game Plan for Future Oscar-Hungry Comic ActorsThe key to her Oscar buzz for ‘The Blind Side’: not messing with the Bullock formula too much.
  24. kudos
    Could Doubling Up on Golden Globe Nominations Hurt Your Oscar Chances?Probably not.
  25. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: The Blind Side Drinks New Moon’s MilkshakeWe don’t know either!
  26. weekend box office
    The Curious Continued Popularity of The Blind SideIt’s even beating New Moon now.
  27. kudos
    Can The Blind Side Really Win Sandra Bullock an Oscar?She could totally be nominated, at least!
  28. vampires
    Vampires and Football Rule Thanksgiving WeekendHollywood did good.
  29. quote machine
    Shoveling Poo Exactly What Ellen Page Wants to Be Doing Right NowPlus: Everybody’s sick of Sandra Bullock in real life too.
  30. ranters and ravers
    One Last Way to Insult All About Steve?Say you’re a film critic, and you were unable to file your review of ‘All About Steve’ until today …
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    January Jones Implies Something Foul About Jon Hamm’s On-Set Bathroom HabitsPlus: Anna Paquin delighted by her fake Facebook profile.
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    Quentin Tarantino Continues to Build Excitement for Upcoming MoviePlus: Daniel Radcliffe is above the law.
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    Chris Martin Has No Interest in Going SoloPlus: Sandra Bullock talks about her nude scene in ‘The Proposal.’
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    John Krasinski Spills the Details About Away We Go’s Sex ScenePlus: Is Judy Blume a nymphomaniac?
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    Christian Bale Is Not Too Good for the Terminator Franchise, ThankyouverymuchPlus: Paris Hilton continues to be misunderstood.
  36. tats
    Can We Talk About Sandra Bullock’s Back Tattoo in The Proposal for a Second?What has become of America’s (Former) Sweetheart?
  37. the industry
    Brett Ratner Finally Talks His Way Into the Playboy MansionRatner on Hef: Director Brett Ratner will direct Playboy, a biopic of Hugh Hefner, for Universal. Brian Grazer’s Imagine will produce, and John Hoffman is writing. Ratner’s first-ever visit to the Playboy Mansion last week convinced the aging Hef that the auteur behind Rush Hour was the man to tell the story of Playboy’s part in the cultural revolutions of the sixties. We just hope Ratner remembers to put boobs in it! [Variety]
  38. the industry
    Hollywood Plans Sims Movie; Jean Baudrillard: ‘I Told You So’