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  1. Let’s Talk About the Ending of Alias GraceNetflix’s Margaret Atwood adaptation puts the entire audience on trial.
  2. Alias Grace Trailer: Margaret Atwood’s Murder Story Gets a Netflix AdaptationThe six-part mini-series stars Sarah Gadon, Zachary Levi, and Anna Paquin.
  3. movie review
    Indignation Is the Best Philip Roth Film Adaptation By a MileDirector James Schamus’s style is deliberate but not cold, and the performances he has elicited are passionately deliberate.
  4. casting couch
    Mélanie Laurent Joins Jake Gyllenhaal DramaIsabella Rossellini, too.
  5. cosmopolis
    Rob Pattinson Is Marrying Sarah GadonOn screen, guys! Chill out!