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  1. honest work
    Anna Delvey Spins House Arrest Into Reality-TV DealDelvey’s Dinner Club tries to turn lemons into lemonade.
  2. surprise bitch
    Romance Novelist Susan Meachen Explains Why She Un-Unalived HerselfShe’s so much happier now that she’s undead.
  3. news from shondaland
    Grey’s Anatomy Scammer Elisabeth Finch Wants to Write on Handmaid’s Tale NextAfter admitting she “never had any form of cancer.”
  4. y’arrrr
    The Bahamas Will Straight Up Arrest Billy McFarland If He Tries Another Venture(1) Ninety-nine messages in bottles. (2) ??? (3) Profit.
  5. i hate that for you
    Now, How Did Anna Paquin Get Involved With the Suspended Grey’s Anatomy Writer?A source said Paquin doesn’t have “anything to do with Finch’s kidneys.”
  6. close read
    The Dropout Revealed Its Truths via Needle DropMusical moments are used so effectively throughout the miniseries that even their absence in the finale is illuminating.
  7. exit interview
    Elizabeth Meriwether Wants to Complicate Your Diagnosis of Elizabeth HolmesThe Dropout showrunner on identifying with the disgraced Theranos founder, making Holmes dance to “How to Love,” and keeping the green juice flowing.
  8. are tv writers … okay?
    Grey’s Anatomy Writer Takes Leave After Possibly Lying About Medical HistoryAllegedly lying about having cancer is, to quote season two, “bad juju.”
  9. reverse funnel systems
    The Art of the Dirty Deal: 17 Movies, Shows, and Documentaries About ScamsCan’t get enough Inventing Anna? In love with The Tinder Swindler? Here’s what to watch next.
  10. tv review
    WeCrashed Disrupts NothingThis tedious series’ top-down, voyeuristic focus on the notorious couple behind WeWork is impressively ill conceived.
  11. chat room
    The Dropout’s Naveen Andrews Saw Sunny Balwani As Lady Macbeth“I always felt that there was this huge void of insecurity in Sunny, and what made him interesting was I don’t think he was aware of it.”
  12. tv review
    The Dropout Hits the Scammer Sweet SpotAmanda Seyfried’s take on Elizabeth Holmes taps into the compelling mess that many scam shows promise but few manage to deliver.
  13. swiper no swiping
    ‘The Tinder Swindler’ Gets Sued by His Fake DaddyThey’re not keeping it in the family.
  14. scammers
    Documentary Now! Enters the Scammer Doc SpaceGet ready for Fred Armisen and Bill Hader in “My Monkey Grifter.”
  15. tv review
    Inventing Anna Is a Long Con With a Dwindling PayoffIn elevating its central scammer into some kind of girlboss champion, this bloated miniseries denies its subject the responsibility of her actions.
  16. movie review
    Queenpins Somehow Makes a Coupon-Scam Caper a DragThe new movie ping-pongs between buoyant caper, farce, and female empowerment drama without ever lingering long enough to make an impact.
  17. fyre festival
    The Fyre Fest Merch Auction Is Finally HappeningPandemic shopping at its finest and worst.
  18. scammers
    Evan Rachel Wood Does Her Best Elizabeth Holmes Voice in Kajillionaire TrailerRelatives that scam together, fam together.
  19. scammers
    The Art World’s ‘Mini Madoff’ Has Been Arrested in the South PacificHe was apparently arrested wearing swim trunks.
  20. scammers
    Ticketmaster Must Pay Canada a $3.4 Million Fine, a Victory We Can All CelebrateThe company had been charging people excessive fees.
  21. music
    How City Girls Scammed Their Way Into Rap“Bitch, we made it.”
  22. the industry
    Netflix Orders Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin’s Teen Scammer SitcomLike Full House, if Stephanie was running a long grift.
  23. summer of scam
    A Hollywood Scammer Is Busy Impersonating Kathleen Kennedy, Amy PascalThe summer of scam continues!
  24. dream casting
    Let’s Dreamcast the Anna Delvey StoryWho should play the redheaded grifter who took up residence at 11 Howard?