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  1. podcasts
    Patrick Radden Keefe Hopes Scorpions Fans Can Still Enjoy Wind of ChangeThe author and podcast host discusses his journey through espionage, power ballads, and the cultural Cold War.
  2. podcasts
    Hair Metal, the CIA, and a Cold War Plot: Wind of Change Is a Thrilling RideDid American spies write a Scorpions song?
  3. somewhere in time
    What Songs Were Popular 23 Years Ago, When Nirvana’s Nevermind Debuted?Hint: Someone’s funky bunch is involved.
  4. chat room
    The Scorpions’ Rudolph Schenker On His Farewell TourThe “ambassador of rock and roll” talks about bringing his music to Asia, what it was like at the top, and moving on with his life.
  5. retirement
    German Hair Metallers Scorpions to Call it QuitsThere will be no more rocking you like a hurricane.