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Scott Adkins

  1. exit interview
    ‘We’re Going to Do the Biggest Stair Fall You’ve Ever Seen’Chad Stahelski on hurling Keanu Reeves into the gnarliest pratfall imaginable, why Scott Adkins appears in a fat suit, and whether this is good-bye.
  2. at the club
    An Ode to John Wick’s Many Nightclub BrawlsThe whole world was John Wick’s dance floor, and what a delight to watch him bust a move (and some heads).
  3. stunt awards
    More Fight Scenes Should Be This ‘Cartoony’The best movie showdown in recent memory is four minutes of glorious, over-the-top action.
  4. action!
    The Stunt AwardsVulture’s inaugural celebration of stunt professionals is here. Because if the Oscars won’t recognize them, we will.
  5. action!
    Watch Out for Scott AdkinsWhen the stuntman shows up in Jamie Foxx’s Netflix vampire movie, it’s a nod to the action geeks and proof of Day Shift’s bona fides.