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  1. sexual abuse
    A Second Charles in Charge Star Accuses Scott Baio of Sexual HarassmentBoth Charles in Charge co-stars Alexander Polinsky and Nicole Eggert claim Baio sexually abused them on the show when they were minors.
  2. Scott Baio Clarifies Comments on Happy Days Co-star Erin Moran’s DeathBaio had discussed Moran’s history with drugs and alcohol in an interview before her cause of death was revealed to be cancer.
  3. fight!
    Scott Baio Allegedly Grabbed by Wife of RHCPA tangled web.
  4. donnie loves chachi
    Watch the Promised Scott Baio RNC Speech “Is Donald Trump a messiah?”
  5. celebrity politics
    Scott Baio to Speak at Republican ConventionDonnie loves Chachi.
  6. 80s nostalgia
    The When Harry Met Sally Movie Premiere Was So 1989Actually, these photos are from two separate premieres.
  7. The Bluths to Have Expert Legal Counsel When ‘Arrested Development’ ReturnsFirst Mr. Henry Winkler tweeted, ” I AM SUPPOSED TO BE MEMORIZING an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT scene with MAYBE for today …dont tell anyone i was […]
  8. The Scott Baio Essential Eight: A List of Films Featuring Chachi You Need […]Few entities are as daunting as the Scott Baio filmography. Really, what are the requisites, and what do I need to know about them before […]
  9. the industry
    Johnny Depp’s Cannibal Movie Gets a Christmas ReleaseJackie Chan, Oliver Stone, and more!