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Scott Bakula

  1. emmys 2021
    Let’s Just Say a Dr. Phil Cameo Did Not Make This Emmys Skit Better, Per SeIn which Alyson Hannigan thinks she was The Mother.
  2. oh boy!
    Talking With Scott Bakula About Quantum Leap’s 30th Anniversary“If indeed we lived this way, of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, the planet would be a different place.”
  3. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: There Was a Star Trek Tent RevivalGet ready for a big Star Trek group hug.
  4. last night on late night
    Colbert, Scott Bakula Try to Quantum Leap TrumpYuuuuge, if true.
  5. chat room
    Looking’s Bakula on Weed and Loving to Sing“I’m a musical theater guy. That’s where I came from. That’s where I go whenever I have the chance.”
  6. things are looking up!
    Scott Bakula Is the Best Part of LookingMore Bakula!
  7. casting couch
    Scott Bakula Will Star in NCIS SpinoffCall your grandma. She is going to be so pumped.
  8. tv
    The Six Excuses for Not Watching Men of a Certain Age, and Why They’re All InvalidIt’s nothing like ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’ Sheesh.
  9. chat room
    Men of a Certain Age’s Scott Bakula on Hitting 50 and Having a Name Built for Vampire Puns“I don’t want to talk about it anymore, because then people will want me to do a vampire Quantum Leap movie.”
  10. the industry
    Jenna Fischer to Cheat on Owen WilsonPlus: Steven Spielberg and Spike Lee will make you sad.
  11. the industry
    Ray Romano and Scott Bakula to Bro OutPlus: a long-awaited, R-rated take on the body-switching genre.