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Scotty Mccreery

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    9 Former American Idol Contestants Reminisce“When you get off the show, you expect to be given a lot, and man, you’re not. “
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    Idol Finale Scores Huge Ratings BounceBeam me up, Scotty!
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    Visit the Terrifying Scott McCreery GIF WallScotty loves you this big, America.
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    American Idol’s Lauren Alaina Lost Her Voice During RehearsalGood news for Scotty McCreery?
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    What Do Jennifer Lopez’s New Songs Reveal About Who She’d Pick to Win American Idol?“Can you love the girl?” she asks. Good question, since ‘American Idol’ voters have kicked off so many.
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    A Guide to How You’ll Feel If Each of the American Idol Contestants WinsOn a scale from acceptance to outright rage.