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Sean Connery

  1. in memoriam
    Where to Stream 25 of Sean Connery’s MoviesFor decades, the late Scot’s gruff charisma and dashing looks ruled the silver screen.
  2. in memoriam
    Sean Connery Is the Reason We Have Action-Movie WisecracksThe late actor’s ability to deliver the perfect rejoinder shaped both the Bond franchise and genre cinema at large.
  3. remembrances
    Hugh Jackman, Stephen King, and Others Mourn Sean Connery, ‘the Only Bond’Cary Elwes, Edgar Wright, and more pay tribute on social media.
  4. books
    How Ian Fleming’s James Bond Was Born in JamaicaHe didn’t like Sean Connery at first.
  5. movies
    Director John Boorman on Violence in Film“There’s something cathartic about destruction. Though it’s always very easy to blow something up in the end.”
  6. chat room
    Usher on Tonight’s MSG Show and Why His New Album Is Taking So Long“I’ll be finished when it’s out.”
  7. oscars 2014
    The Many Creative Ways Oscar Winners Pose With Their TrophiesThe Javier Bardem kiss, the Emma Thompson head balance, and more through the Oscar ages.
  8. clickables
    See a Painting of a Young Sean Connery’s BumWait, it gets better: He’s wearing a thong th-thong-thong-thong.
  9. movies
    Listen to Michael Caine Explain How He Bromanced Sean ConneryIn an excerpt from his autobiography, ‘The Elephant to Hollywood,’ the esteemed actor details how he won over the original James Bond’s heart back in the day.
  10. trailer mix
    Sean Connery Unretires for Terrifying Children’s MovieWho says Pixar is the only studio capable of making a magical CG-animated film starring an elderly hero?
  11. quote machine
    Sean Connery Would Like to Kill James BondPlus: Madonna on what it would take to get her to sing “Like a Virgin” again.
  12. the industry
    Mel Brooks Assembles Monster Cast for ‘Young Frankenstein’