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Self Esteem

  1. Please Stop Body-Shaming Me for Being the Ice Cream Cone Pokémon, by Colin […] Every day, society tells us how to look and be. Be a rodent, it says. Have a rock in your forehead. Be on fire. I am none of those things, […]
  2. Ricky Gervais Is Pret-ty Proud of Himself for Being a Rogue Genius […][blackbirdpie id=”146626360692056065”] Hoo boy. Just when we’d had about enough of Ricky Gervais’ bloated self-promotion, he goes and tops […]
  3. Jenny Slate’s New Video Is Funny And Good For Your Self-Image Oh my gosh, look at her. She’s writing a post about a new Jenny Slate video while sitting on an air mattress. Oh, that’s right, she probably […]