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Selina Meyer

  1. backstories
    The Story Behind Veep’s Final Joke on SelinaHow a flash-forward sequence came to include Tom Hanks.
  2. legacies
    Selina Meyer Was Awful. That’s What Made Her Great.For seven years, she was the best kind of nasty woman.
  3. set visits
    Veep Is Over. Is America Next?A behind-the-scenes look at the series finale.
  4. tv review
    In Veep’s Final Season, How Low Will Selina Meyer Go?The HBO comedy is still as hilarious and razor-sharp as ever.
  5. Here’s the Proof Veep Is the King of the Witty Insult▶️ “You’re the secretary to the vice-president … that’s like being Garfunkel’s roadie.”
  6. roll clip!
    If Fictional Ex-President Selina Meyer Can’t Motivate You to Vote, Who Can?And Gary, too, of course.
  7. backstories
    Kissing Your Sister, Catherine’s Doc on Veep“She’s not a good filmmaker.”
  8. let’s normalize it
    Supercut: Veep’s Awkward Meet-and-GreetsNormal-ing is hard.