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Seven Pounds

  1. truth in fake advertising
    Seven Pounds Finally Gets the Poster It DeservesWe wish its marketers had gone with this one!
  2. actors
    Is Will Smith Really an Outlier?Smith is among the growing number of film-industry rainmakers using an argument from Malcolm Gladwell’s new best seller ‘Outliers’ to explain their massive success
  3. flops
    Moviegoers Reject Will Smith’s Organs’Seven Pounds’ was Smith’s worst opening since ‘Ali’ in 2001.
  4. spoilers
    How Bad Is Seven Pounds’ Ending, Anyway?Bad!
  5. chat room
    Seven Pounds’ Rosario Dawson on Awkward Love Scenes With Will Smith’Before we went in for our kiss he was literally psyching himself up, like, ‘Yo, we’re gonna kill this scene!’ I’m like, ‘Uh, yeah, Will, I brushed my teeth today, we’re all good.”
  6. in your face willow
    Will Smith Chooses Favorite Acting OffspringWill specifically demanded that his ‘Seven Pounds’ not hit theaters on the same day as ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still,’ which stars his 10-year-old son, Jaden.
  7. ranters and ravers
    Lou Lumenick Spoils Surprise Ending of Seven PoundsTo give away the film’s premise is to ruin its surprise ending, allegedly, and Lou just did.
  8. the industry
    Tom Cruise’s Son Is Will Smith, ConfusinglyPlus: Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show is heading towards Broadway, and a producer options “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.”
  9. the industry
    Which Gwyneth Will Be Joaquin’s ‘Lover’?Plus industry news on Will Smith, Edie Falco, and the Geek Fight of the Century.