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Shepard Fairey

  1. inauguration 2017
    See New Trump-Era Posters From Obama ‘Hope’ Artist Shepard FaireyThousands of posters were printed.
  2. in memoriam
    Kurt Loder, David Cross, and More Remember Adam Yauch“He was one of those Dune obsessives, and so am I. Here’s a movie that even its director hates, but we don’t care.”
  3. exclusive
    Bearded Joaquin Phoenix Immortalized by Shepard FaireySharp-eyed citizens of major cities might have noticed these wild postings of Joaquin Phoenix’s bearded visage popping up recently …
  4. art
    The Naked Nirvana Baby Is a Grown-up Artist Working for Shepard FaireyHe’s cute, too.
  5. art in public
    Shepard Fairey Is Done With the Deitch WallCheck it out.
  6. the world in real time
    If You’re Wondering What Shepard Fairey Is Up to Right Now, It’s Making Art DowntownGo say hi!
  7. quote machine
    Not Even Babies Safe From New Jennifer Lopez AlbumPlus: Sulu gets sexy.
  8. late night
    Stephen Colbert Reveals Shepard Fairey–Designed Olympic Poster“Post it all over Vancouver!”
  9. art world
    Deitch’s Last Show: Shepard Fairey PortraitsThis exhibition will be his first and last under Deitch’s mantle.
  10. quote machine
    Ed Helms on the Unlikeliest Hangover Cameo of AllPlus: Andrew Shue a little bitter about not starring in the ‘Melrose Place’ remake.
  11. arrests
    Shepard Fairey Gets Pinched While Doing Boston a SolidHe’s like the Turk 182 of our times, only without Robert Urich for a brother.
  12. right-click
    N.A.S.A. Call in All Their Hipster Chits for Anti-Capitalist Pile-on“Money” is the first official track off the hotly anticipated debut album from the production duo N.A.S.A.
  13. news reel
    Take That, Splasher!Back in town for his first local solo show in seven years, RISD-trained street-art wunderkind, and habitual “splasher” victim Shepard Fairey takes it inside for two concurrent shows, the first of which opens tonight at 81 Front Street.