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Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

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    How Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Captured the ‘Giddy Immediacy’ of Texting“I wanted the experience of watching Shannon text Noah feel as visceral and real as possible.”
  2. casting
    Noah Centineo Almost Had a Much Smaller Part in Sierra BurgessSierra Burgess’s director on why he wanted Centineo for the role.
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    Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Is a Dull Teen Rom-ComSierra Burgess is an otherwise derivative teen comedy that aims to be Cyrano de Bergerac with smartphones and falls somewhere more boring and creepy.
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    Noah Centineo Wants to ‘Bring Back Proper Intimacy’*Eyes emoji*
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    Shannon Purser Is Running a Scam in the Trailer for Sierra Burgess Is a LoserIt’s like The Truth About Cats and Dogs, but with texting instead of a radio show.