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  1. silvermania
    Ben Silverman Bringing Star-Crossed Lovers to MTVThings are about to get really romantic.
  2. silvermania
    Ben Silverman’s New Venture Gets World’s Most Awesome NameDumbDumb! (Not a typo.)
  3. silvermania
    The New Ben Silverman Is Exactly the Same As the Old Ben SilvermanPhew!
  4. silvermania
    Ben Silverman: 23 Percent More Successful Than Jeff Gaspin!Bring back Silverman! Bring back Silverman!
  5. silvermania
    Silvermania Reaches the White HouseThat’s right — Ben Silverman recently made an appearance at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  6. silvermania
    Ben Silverman’s Ego Knows No Bounds“We are the superstars of TV because we are the only network that people are talking about.”
  7. silvermania
    Why Does Barack Obama Hate Ben Silverman?Obama’s new campaign commercial will preempt ‘Knight Rider.’
  8. silvermania
    Ben Silverman at the New York TV Fest: ‘I Am the Swordfish’Also: ‘I may be the Paris Hilton of NBC.’