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Simple Jack

  1. controversy telephone
    Ben Stiller Has Always Stood by Tropic ThunderThrough its controversies around blackface and intellectual disability, he makes “no apologies.”
  2. apologies
    Olympian Shaun White Apologizes for Tropic Thunder Simple Jack Costume“It was a last minute decision. It was the wrong one.”
  3. chat room
    ‘Tropic Thunder’ Writer Justin Theroux on ‘Simple Jack,’ ‘Iron Man 2,’ and Stupid Actors’There are plenty of actors who are brilliant people, and plenty who should not be allowed on talk shows.’
  4. apropos of nothing
    Can Angry Disabled Groups Help ‘The Dark Knight’ Stay Alive at the Box Office?Disability groups are calling for a boycott of ‘Tropic Thunder’ over its use of the word ‘retard.’ Watch out, ‘Titanic’!
  5. countdown
    ‘Tropic Thunder’ Abandoning ‘Simple Jack’?Once upon a time … there was an offensive marketing campaign.