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  1. nothing compares 2 her
    When America Met Sinéad O’ConnorO’Connor’s stand at the 1989 Grammys showcased her power — and made her a threat.
  2. earth without art is just eh
    Sinéad OʼConnor Knows What Art Can Do in Nothing Compares TrailerThe new documentary from Kathryn Ferguson examines O’Connor’s fame and controversy.
  3. rip
    Sinéad O’Connor Confirms Death of 17-Year-Old Son“May he rest in peace and may no one follow his example.”
  4. vulture lists
    7 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthJohn Green, Sinead O’Connor, Zakiya Dalila Harris, and more.
  5. music
    Sinead O’Connor Walks Back Retirement AnnouncementThe musician said she made the announcement as a reaction to triggering media coverage of her memoir, Rememberings.
  6. respect the classics
    Sinéad O’Connor’s Bizarre Prince Story Involves Soup and a Pillow FightShe’s been teasing the encounter since 2013.
  7. vulture lists
    Every VMAs Video of the Year Award, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom that one super dated Dire Straits video to multiple Beyoncé videos, to that Neil Young video that got him banned from MTV for a while.
  8. mea culpas
    Sinéad O’Connor Apologizes for Accusing Arsenio Hall of Giving Prince DrugsHall had sued O’Connor for defamation.
  9. missing persons
    Sinéad O’Connor Calls BS on Suicide ReportsShe’s been posting on Facebook again.
  10. missing persons
    Sinead O’Connor Has Been Found After Being Reported MissingShe went missing on a bike ride in Wilmette, Illinois.
  11. lawsuits
    Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead Over Prince Drug ClaimSinead’s response: “He can suck my dick.”
  12. get well soon
    Sinead O’Connor’s Facebook Page Disabled After Apparent Second Suicide NoteShe reportedly wrote, “I want my right to die and I will claim it.”
  13. sinead o’connor
    Sinead O’Connor Posts Possible Suicide Note, Is Now Receiving Medical AttentionThe Irish singer posted a possible suicide note on Facebook, saying she “has taken an overdose.”
  14. do they know it’s christmas?
    ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ Gets a Star-Studded UpdateHi, Bono. Hi, Harry Styles.
  15. ban bossy
    Sinéad O’Connor Got a New Bossy LookFor her upcoming album: I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss.
  16. The Complete Guide to Everything: Open LettersThis week Tim discusses having to find a new chiropractor who isn’t a racist, and his extensive collection of swords and letter openers. The […]
  17. open letters
    Sinead O’Connor Is ‘Extremely Concerned’ for MileyShe wrote an open letter. Update: Miley responds.
  18. letters
    Sinead O’Connor Explains Her BreakdownIn an open letter.
  19. cancellations
    Sinead O’Connor Cancels Tour After ‘Serious Breakdown’She’s “very unwell.”
  20. Sinead O’Connor’s Online Experiment Is OverGet well soon, Sinead.
  21. reconciliation
    Sinéad O’Connor Is Back With Her Husband, But Only As Boyfriend/GirlfriendJust go with it.
  22. splits
    Sinead O’Connor Blames Marriage Dissolution on Accidental Crack Purchase“He’s a drugs counselor. What was I thinking?”
  23. splits
    Sinead O’Connor Ends Sixteen-Day Marriage” I’m sorry I’m not a more regular woman.”
  24. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Glenn Close and More at a Screening of Albert NobbsWho thinks they could pass for the opposite sex?
  25. weddings!
    Sinead O’Connor’s Online Sex Hunt Is Presumably OverShe got married!
  26. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts: From Trey Songz to the CurePlus: The Pretty Reckless, Goldfrapp, and Snoop Dogg.
  27. real talk
    The Eleven Best Quotes From Sinéad O’Connor’s Online Sex Hunt“Hey u guys in U.S? Dave Chapelle is my dream man. Can u find out if he’s single and likes the backdoor?”