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  1. let’s be franc
    James Franco Says He Was ‘Blind to Power Dynamics’ in Sex With StudentsFranco addresses sexual-misconduct allegations and his relationship with Seth Rogen in a new interview.
  2. podcasts
    SiriusXM Is Buying Stitcher. What Happens Next?The deal, reportedly valued at $300 million, would make Stitcher the priciest podcast acquisition to date.
  3. justice for kirsten
    Kirsten Dunst Thinks That Hollywood Is Not a CheerocracyAppreciate Kirsten Dunst, you ingrates!
  4. Craig Ferguson to Host a Live Weekday SiriusXM Show From His HouseFormer Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson is headed to SiriusXM. According to Variety, SiriusXM has set a deal with Ferguson to host a live, […]
  5. two great tastes
    RHCP, Chris Rock Launch Short-Run Radio StationTo celebrate The Getaway.
  6. important radio news
    Julian Casablancas to Host a Sirius XM ShowDubbed Culture Void.
  7. howard stern
    Howard Stern Signed a 5-Year Radio and Video Deal With Sirius XMBaba Booey forever. 
  8. radio
    Pitbull Is Getting His Own SiriusXM Radio StationSo much Pitbull.
  9. radio
    Opie and Anthony Host Fired After Racist TiradeSirius XM gave Anthony Cumia the boot.
  10. howard stern
    Howard Stern Is ‘Pretty Sure’ He’s Leaving Satellite RadioBut will he really?
  11. on the radio
    Subscription Radio Is Actually GrowingRadio lives! Sort of.
  12. howard stern
    Howard Stern’s Future Is UnclearCould he retire next year?
  13. beef
    Howard Stern Finally Meets a Porn Star He Doesn’t Like: Sasha GreyIn other news, pigs can now fly.
  14. business stuff
    More Trouble for Sirius XM Satellite RadioThe struggling satellite-radio company announced its first-ever drop in subscribers last quarter.