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  1. oral history
    An Oral History of ‘David Pumpkins’The story of Saturday Night Live’s most improbable breakout character.
  2. snl
    The Story Behind Saturday Night Live’s Weezer SketchTalking with Eli Coyote Mandel, Steven Castillo, and Alan Linic about writing the sketch that launched a thousand new Weezer debates.
  3. snl
    How ‘GP Yass’ Broke New Ground on SNLTalking with SNL writers James Anderson and Bowen Yang about their very silly sketch and teaching Lorne Michaels about drag culture.
  4. snl
    How SNL’s Surreal ‘House Hunters’ Sketch Came TogetherTalking with SNL co-head writer Kent Sublette about the delightfully weird Liev Schreiber–Leslie Jones HGTV parody.
  5. good one podcast
    How a Kenan Thompson SNL Impression Comes TogetherOn this week’s Good One podcast, Kenan Thompson and his longtime SNL collaborator discuss creating characters out of impressions.
  6. snl
    The Story Behind Chris Redd and Pete Davidson’s ‘Trees’ SNL SketchTalking with cast member Chris Redd about the sketch that got cut off during the latest live SNL broadcast.
  7. snl
    The Story Behind Kate McKinnon’s Debette Goldry SNL CharacterTalking with writer Anna Drezen about one of SNL’s best recurring characters.
  8. snl
    The Story Behind Adam Driver’s Oil Baron SNL SketchTalking with the freshman writer behind a highlight of the season 44 premiere.
  9. good one podcast
    Why Horatio Sanz Broke So Much During Saturday Night Live SketchesOne of the silliest SNL cast members ever reveals how there was a reason behind his mid-sketch laughing.
  10. sketch exploder
    Lena Dunham on Her Faux-PSA Hillary Clinton Rap“I liked the idea of a well-meaning white girl who thinks she’s helping the election by exposing her body and writing thoughtless rap music.”
  11. sketch exploder
    Keegan-Michael Key’s 11 Favorite Sketches From Key & Peele’s Final SeasonPlus, find out what the names of the valets were.
  12. sketch exploder
    Mike O’Brien on His Jay Z and Oprah Sketches“This dorky, sweet Midwest guy has none of the coolness that Jay Z and Oprah have in everything they say and do.”
  13. sketch exploder
    How SNL Got Larry David to Play Bernie Sanders“He could have been lazy about it and it would have worked incredibly well, but he was all over it.”
  14. sketch exploder
    The Story Behind Saturday Night Live’s Spot-On Oscars So White Parody“It was, like, pitched to me by the news.”
  15. sketch exploder
    SNL Alien Sketch Writers on Making Gosling Break“Lorne gave us a million high-fives.”
  16. sketch exploder
    Simon Rich Picks His 9 Fave Obscure SNL Sketches“It just squeaked by dress rehearsal.”
  17. sketch exploder
    Paula Pell Picks Her 8 Important SNL SketchesFrom the Cheerleaders to Homocil.
  18. sketch exploder
    3 Saturday Night Live Writers on Their Toughest SketchesMike O’Brien, Emily Spivey, and Simon Rich.