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  1. vulture lists
    8 Shows About Horny British Youths You Can Stream Right NowSex education, U.K.-style.
  2. tv
    Your Guide to the Stolen Elections of Film and TVRigging an election often works (about half the time).
  3. the industry
    Life After Jersey Shore: The Four Inspirations for the New MTVIn their quest to be the new WB, the network looks to John Hughes, Glee, and more.
  4. cancellations
    Adios, Skins Everyone’s favorite British teen sex drama has been canceled.
  5. your tv ratings explained
    Ratings: CBS Just Crushes Everything in SightExcept for ‘Idol,’ it owns the top twenty.
  6. Why Americans Always Screw Up Remakes of British ComediesAmerican remakes of British shows are easy targets. Rarely do the new iterations match up to their predecessors, even when episodes are […]
  7. skins
    Skins Creator: Teens Are Actually ‘Intensely Moral,’ and Some Adults Can’t Handle That“Sometimes that truth can be painful to adults and parents.”
  8. skins
    Baffling Its Producers, Skins Loses Two More SponsorsSubway sandwiches, out.
  9. skins
    GM and Wrigley Pull Ads From SkinsAnd a new trailer shows people kissing.
  10. teenage kicks
    MTV Tells Skins to Tone It DownMTV feels squeamish about the series.
  11. hopping the pond
    The 30 Differences Between the American and British SkinsThey felt so similar, and yet so weirdly different.
  12. chat room
    Skins Co-creator Bryan Elsley on Adapting His Show for MTV“We’re working with writers who are learning to write, actors who are learning to act, and show-runners who are learning to be in the United States.”
  13. trailer mix
    Skins Trailer: Is This Enough Wanton Underage Drug Use for You?See a new promo clip from the show.
  14. lost in translation
    Are American TV Execs As Crass As Episodes Makes Them Out to Be?Nope.
  15. premieres
    Vulture Premieres the New Extended Skins TrailerSome exclusive stuff right here.
  16. clickables
    See a Bunch of Saucy New Skins US PromosIs that whipped cream caffeinated?
  17. vulture recommends
    Eight Reasons to Catch Up With Skins Before MTV’s RemakeReason No. 3: The Parties.
  18. trailer mix
    Skins Trailer: A British Cult Classic Comes to MTVCan MTV pull this off?
  19. the industry
    Elizabeth Banks Goes Directly to JailPlus: Justin Theroux is an evil magic wizard.