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Sookie Stackhouse

  1. mystery man
    Meet the Mystery Man From the True Blood FinaleAnyone who has seen the episode will know who we mean.
  2. chat room
    Charlaine Harris on True Blood Series FinaleHarris is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
  3. vulture quiz
    How Well Do You Know These 50 True Blood Characters?Do you just know these past and current denizens of Bon Temps, or do you really, really know them?
  4. boning up
    The 7 True Blood-iest Sex Scenes in True Blood HistoryFrom hate sex to grave sex, and everything in between.
  5. last wishes
    We Deserve One More Sookie-and-Eric Sex Scene on True BloodIsn’t that what True Blood is for?
  6. vulture advice
    True Blood: 7 Steps for a Better Season 7Cool it with the faeries for a while.
  7. vampires
    Charlaine Harris Is Done With Sookie StackhouseAfter thirteen books.
  8. chat room
    Denis O’Hare, the Vampire King of True BloodHow Hailey Barber inspired his accent, why Sookie should take a page from Queen Victoria, and why Russell Edgington is the show’s true hero.
  9. true blood
    True Blood Werewolf Starstruck by Sookie StackhouseAlcide talks ‘True Blood.’
  10. oh sookie
    Snoop Dogg Professes His Love for Sookie Stackhouse“We’ll do it in the daytime, Bill won’t know a thing.”