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South Park Season 22

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    South Park Season-Finale Recap: Bezos Goes Up in SmokeThe season ends with a consideration of the challenges inherent in building and occupying a new world, and a cameo from a C-word-dropping Santa.
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    South Park Recap: Amazon Comes to TownA return-to-form episode pushes a passionately, unambiguously pro-worker message and turns Jeff Bezos into a supervillain.
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    South Park Recap: An Anxious ReactionA cynical take on the charged topic of mental health and a B-plot about “P.C. Babies” indulge some of the series’ worst instincts.
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    South Park Recap: Son of ManBearPigAn excellent two-part reckoning culminates in a glorious staging of the climate-change debate as a clash of the titans.
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    South Park Recap: ‘Told You So’A frustrating but pivotal reckoning with some past sins suggests there are limits to South Park’s giggling nihilism after all.
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    South Park Recap: Night of the Living ScootersThe great e-scooter plague has reached South Park just in time for Halloween.
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    South Park Recap: Planet of the VapesThe South Park kids discover vaping and problems snowball from there.
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    South Park Recap: Tweeting on AmbienThe Roseanne debacle and the Kavanagh confirmation provide fodder for an episode in which Mr. Hankey commits some grave errors.
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    South Park Recap: Of Pedophilia and Bad OpticsThe series tries to take an evenhanded approach to the scandals swirling around the Catholic Church.
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    South Park’s School Shooting Episode Is Exactly As Tasteless As You’d Expect“Dead Kids” will get a rise out of critics, but it’s a lousy satirical critique.