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  1. movies
    Woody Allen Wrote a Script About Being a Porn Director in Love With Young WomanAn unearthed Woody Allen script from the late ‘60s or early ‘70s is about a porn director — named Woody Allen — in love with a much younger girl.
  2. Star Trek Spec Scripts That Never Saw the Light of DayStar Trek had a famous open-submission policy, meaning any writer, anywhere, could submit a script.
  3. the black list
    5 Things to Know About Blonde Ambition, the Madonna Biopic ScriptBlonde Ambition topped this year’s Black List of the best unproduced screenplays.
  4. the black list
    Max Landis Is Pissed There’s a Black List Script About Him“The Untitled Lax Mandis Project”
  5. spec scripts
    The Founder of Firefox Wrote an Unofficial Silicon Valley EpisodeHe is threatening to write an entire season … before season three comes back.
  6. if you build it
    Judd Apatow’s 25-Year-Old Simpsons Script Is Set to AirDreams do come true.
  7. spec scripts
    Simpsons Are Making an Episode Judd Apatow WroteAlso, Heavy Weights is finally coming out on DVD, and other tidbits from a long interview with Conan.
  8. spec scripts
    Nicholas Sparks Sells a Romantic TV ShowAbout a sad, lovelorn archangel.