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  1. vulture on vulture
    Understanding the Sinister Six, the Spider-Man Villain SupergroupThe Vulture is one of their usual members.
  2. vulture on vulture
    How Spider-Man Villain the Vulture Was CreatedHis character was dull, but the visuals were great.
  3. homecoming
    Breaking Down the Spider-Man: Homecoming TrailerRobert Downey Jr.’s facial hair is also horrifying!
  4. the ugly truth
    Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man Was ‘Heartbreaking’Garfield last appeared as Spidey in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  5. keeping score
    Michael Giacchino Is Scoring Another Marvel FilmStaying in the family.
  6. shut down
    James Gunn Shuts Down Race Controversy Over Zendaya’s Spider-Man Role“I do not believe a character is the color of his or her skin.”
  7. Abraham Attah Joins Spider-Man: HomecomingHis role is, of course, unknown.
  8. casting couch
    Hannibal Buress Joins the Cast of Spider-Man: HomecomingThough, there’s no word on his character.
  9. casting couch
    Kenneth Choi Joins Spider-Man HomecomingChoi also appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger.
  10. captain america civil war
    What Captain America: Civil War Gets Right About Spider-ManThe web-slinger is one of the film’s highlights, both in and out of costume.
  11. spider-man
    The Spider-Man Movie Now Has a TitleThe movie hits theaters July 7, 2017.
  12. casting couch
    Zendaya Reportedly Cast in Spider-Man RebootPlease let her be MJ.
  13. the industry
    Spider-Man Villain Venom Might Be Getting His Own Movie FranchiseBut it apparently won’t include Spider-Man.
  14. oscar thirst
    Leonardo DiCaprio Could’ve Been in Star WarsYou can’t eat raw bison liver on Tatooine.
  15. dream casting
    Empire’s Hakeem Wants to Be the Next Spider-ManBryshere Y. Gray as Miles Morales.
  16. captain america civil war
    Spider-Man Might Just Appear in Civil WarBut has Andrew Garfield had time to mourn?
  17. marvel cinematic universe
    RDJ Hints He & Chris Evans Will Be in Spider-ManDowney says the duo will film in Atlanta again.
  18. last night on late night
    Keaton Calls Spider-Man a ‘Pussy’ for CryingBatman up, Spider-Man.
  19. vulture remix
    See the (Fake) Trailer for Spider-Gwen, Marvel’s Latest Female-Led MovieStarring Emma Stone, no less!
  20. movies
    When He Got the New Spider-Man Job, Jon Watts Thought He Was Going to DieThe call from Marvel came at the worst possible time.
  21. comic-book movies
    Thankfully, the New Spider-Man Movie Won’t Be an Origin StoryIf you were hoping to play a radioactive spider, you’re out of luck.
  22. the industry
    Marisa Tomei Is Your New Aunt MayShe will star alongside Tom Holland in Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot.
  23. comic-book movies
    The New Spider-Man Will Be a ‘John Hughes Movie’Pretty in Red and Blue.
  24. an introduction
    7 Things to Know About Your Next Spider-Man, Tom HollandFrom Billy Elliot to web-slinger.
  25. casting couch
    Meet Your Next Spider-ManWelcome, white and presumably straight boy.
  26. comix
    Miles Morales, the First Black Spider-Man, Will Join the Main Marvel CanonThe popular biracial character will be mentored by Peter Parker this fall.
  27. comic-book movies
    Marvel Says Peter Parker Must Always Be a Straight White Guy OnscreenAccording to a leaked contract with Sony.
  28. sequential art
    The Secret History of Ultimate MarvelWithout it, would we even have Marvel movies?
  29. the industry
    Peek at the Next Potential Spider-Man DirectorsSony and Marvel have some deciding to do.
  30. the industry
    One of These Skinny White Dweebs Will Probably Be Your Next Spider-ManWill it be Nat Wolff or Asa Butterfield?
  31. the industry
    Get Ready for That Animated Spider-Man MovieAnd on the seventh day the Sony hacks were given life.
  32. high school hero
    New Spider-Man Will Be Peter Parker, AgainAlso, he’ll be in high school. Again. Also, he’ll probably be white. Again.
  33. back to school
    The New Spider-Man Will Go Back to High SchoolHe’ll balance teen awkwardness with extracurricular heroics.
  34. department of redundancy department
    No More Spider-Man Origin Movies, PleaseWith great power comes great [snore].
  35. aww friends
    Spider-Man Slings Into Marvel’s Movie UniverseWell, they’ll share Spidey with Sony.
  36. Sony Is Reportedly Developing an Animated Spider-Man Comedy and ‘23 Jump […]The Sony hack from last month has resulted in a ton of studio leaks lately (including a bunch of anonymous employee complaints about Adam […]
  37. movies
    Spider-Man Almost Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseMarvel tried to get Spidey into Captain America: Civil War.
  38. #donald4spiderman
    Donald Glover Is Going to Play Spider-Man (in a Cartoon, But Still)Baby steps.
  39. overthinking
    Marvel Universe Live! Is Silly and FascinatingWhy Marvel geeks should pay attention to this weird spectacle.
  40. black cats are bad luck
    Please, Sony, Don’t Let Your Spider-Man Spinoff Be a Black Cat MovieThe rumored Black Cat movie would be a step back for women.
  41. cross your fingers
    We’re Going to Get a Female Superhero Film … in 2017In 2017, promises Sony. See you in three years.
  42. web-slinger philosophy
    Brian Michael Bendis On Comics, Online Sexism“You know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.”
  43. when bad things happen to good archetypes
    Why Does Spider-Man Keep Getting Arrested?It all makes sense if you read the comics and look at price tags.
  44. ‘SNL’ Review: Andrew Garfield Couldn’t Save the DayWhen I started reviewing SNL three years ago, I was proud to consider myself a defender of the show. Of course, not that the mainstream pop […]
  45. fan fights
    Weirdest Debate in Spider-Man History Rages OnA tale of backstabbing and physics.
  46. support your local comics shop
    Free Comic Book Day: 7 Gems Worth Picking Up TomorrowA steampunk retelling of Star Wars, anyone?
  47. last night on late night
    Andrew Garfield Sang The Spider-Man Theme SongOn Fallon, obviously.
  48. directors chair
    Spider-Man Sinister Six Movie Gets DirectorDrew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) also wrote the script.
  49. franchises
    Sony Plans New Spider-Man Movie Every YearWith a great franchise, comes great responsibility to make movies.
  50. the war on white men continues
    There Are No White Men in the Reboot of Major Marvel Comics Super-TeamGood job.
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