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  1. new york comic con 2018
    Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer: Give the Vulcan Salute to Grunge SpockThat beard!
  2. casting couch
    Star Trek: Discovery Casts Spock’s FatherMeet father Spock, otherwise known as Sarek.
  3. obits
    President Obama Speaks on Death of Leonard Nimoy“I loved Spock.”
  4. what a mensch
    Leonard Nimoy Explains Spock’s Secret Jewish OriginsFrom synagogue to Starfleet.
  5. he’s got jokes
    What If Spock Were a Stand-up Comedian?“I just flew in from Pluto, and boy did it take 36.42 seconds.”
  6. spock
    Leonard Nimoy Beams Self Out of Workforce“I’ve been doing this professionally for 60 years. I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time.”
  7. chat room
    Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto on How Spock Avoids Swine Flu“Every time I get on an airplane, I have a routine. It’s not Airborne. That stuff doesn’t work.”